Thursday 28 November 2013

This Works Sleeping Products

Last year I went and stayed in a lovely hotel for a few days and I am one of those people who always checks out the miniatures that they leave in the bathroom.

I came across the this works sleeping little pack that was on offer. I didn't actually use it whilst I was in the hotel but I brought them home to try. I think I first used these during my exams last year when I was stressed with studying and was really struggling to get a good nights sleep. I seem to go through phrases of using them intensely and then not using them for a while. Well, I am currently in the middle of using them intensely - literally every night.

These miniatures came in a set with the deep calm pillow spray and breathe in, they are both 5ml. They spray smells like lavender and I'm not a massive fan of the smell of lavender but this really smells good on your pillow and really does help me to settle down. Breathe in is a product that you roll onto the pulse points and then your suppose to breathe deeply to help you unwind.

I've some how managed to use the pillow spray a lot more quickly, I guess I must get carried away when I'm spraying it across my pillows and I only have to tiniest bit left. I've already added the set called sleeping patterns to my Christmas list which basically consists of the spray and an oil which I am excited to try. I think I am going to have to repurchased these miniatures this week though to last my until Christmas and I can then use them when I am travelling.

All in all a brilliant brand with excellent products and there not to expensive and I definitely think they are value for money. If you struggle to settle down to sleep then I would 100% recommend you to try these, the brand also consists of other sleeping products which you might find useful.

You can buy the products in Boots and Space:NK. If you want to have a nosy online here is the link and you can also order of the site and it has free delivery at the moment:

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