Wednesday 6 December 2017

24 hours in Christmassy London

When your best friend lives in London, it is always a treat to pop on a train to see her. This time me and my other two best friends planned a little overnight trip, with a visit to Winter Wonderland as the main event. We hopped on an early morning train and headed to Euston. We decided we would head towards Carnaby first, it looked so amazing as they had all of the Christmas decorations up. As we always act like such tourists, we went to Liberty's to have a look at their entire Christmas floor. I always like to buy a present or two, but this year I decided to buy a tree decoration. As it was a Saturday afternoon every restaurant was packed, but we managed to get a table at Pizza Pilgrim's. The pizzas were absolutely divine, and I would definitely recommend visiting. After some more shopping and encouraging each other to buy pretty much everything, we began to make our way back to where we were staying.

We did end up taking a slight d-tour to the giant Topshop with five floors on the way back to the underground. That store is unbelievably big, at one point I actually lost everyone and was concerned we were never going to reunite! After yet again spending money we probably shouldn't have, we then actually did head back to my friend's house. We had always planned to get tea at Winter Wonderland, so we all sat on the sofa for an hour or two, catching up and making Christmas plan whilst drinking tea, before cracking open the prosecco!

We left a little later than planned, and last year it was busy but nicely bustly. This year it was 10x as busy, the queues for security (which I understand is completely is necessary) were just so huge. There was hundreds upon hundreds of people trying to all get into the park. Once inside, we headed to the carousel bar which is always fun. It is a literal carousel which has a small bar right in the centre, whilst everyone stands around on the moving part of the carousel, which after a few drinks can make you feel a little dizzy. There is no doubt that there is an amazing atmosphere, wherever you decide to wander. There are lots of different rides to go on, and a variety of classic fair ground stalls. There is also a  great range of food stalls to choose from, and wine and bar huts to get your alcoholic beverages from. They have huge beer halls where they have performers on, and everyone can sit around on long tables and have a little dance and a sing along. The only thing I would recommend is getting there earlier than planned, if you are wanting a whole night there. They stop serving alcohol at 9.45pm, and the music and stalls start shutting at 10pm.

On the Sunday as one of my friends had never been to London before, we took her on a mini sight seeing tourist tour. We went to the House of Parliament to see Big Ben, and you can also see the London eye along the River Thames. We then went for a wander along the Southbank as they had some Christmassy markets. For brunch we went to a little place called The Fire Station, where we all had a nice late big breakfast. The restaurant was lovely, the decor was nice and cosy, and most importantly the food was great. Before heading back to Euston, we stopped off in Covent Garden. We had a look around some of the shops, and we loved how the inside of the markets had been decorated. It looked beautiful with lots of lights and huge baubles hanging from the ceiling. Of course I made the girls take a trip to Ben's Cookies in Covent Garden, as it simply sells the best cookies which I have ever tried. As always I had a fabulous time, and we have already planned next years trip.

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