Wednesday 4 March 2020

My 10 minute everyday/work makeup routine

I feel as though my makeup routine since I started working as a nurse has slowly got less and less. I wake up at 6.30am and head out the door just after 7am.

I normally start by applying the Too Faced hangover primer I tried a sample size of this and loved it so took the plunge and bought a full size. It works really well with my very dry skin adding an early morning boost which is exactly what it needs.

Primark's glow foundation was one of my greatest finds of 2019. The beauty industry talks about dupes a lot and this is a perfect example. This is a great dupe of my holy grail sheer glow foundation from Nars. It really is a steal for just £6. I have been using this for over a year now on a daily basis, and I recommend it to my friends all the time.

In 2019, Fenty Beauty was the year that it took the brand to new dimensions.  Their stand out product is their pro filt'r concealer. I absolutely love this for adding brightness. I put it under my eyes as who knew that turning from 24 to 25 had such an effect on those under eye bags. I love the consistency of this, it is thin, light and their shade range is absolutely superb. Rihanna knows that there was a gap in the market and has filled this void well and truly.

The Sephora natural finish concealer was a find at the start of the year, and every time I or a family member had visited a European city in 2019 I asked them to pick me one up. I had read a review before going on a Sephora trip so I thought I would give it a try. The formula is a little bit thicker than the Fenty Beauty concealer which is great for covering blemishes. It is still light and easy to apply. The applicator is fantastic as it is flat and wide and speeds up the application process.

I have been a Beautyblender lover for years, but the Real Techniques real complexion sponge has recently taken prime spot in my foundation application routine. It is light and what sets it apart from the Beautyblender is its unique shape. It is round at the top like an arrow shape, but also flat on one side. I do a little combination of dabbing both sides to get the perfect coverage.

I saw someone on Instagram using this MAC blusher and I instantly bought it. It is a gorgeous pinky shade with a subtle shimmer through out it. I no longer apply powder in my everyday makeup as I found it dried out my makeup and takes away any kind of glow. I have being using Mac's blush in fairly precious for months now. I love the light amount of luminosity it adds to my face. Highlighter is not a part of my daily routine as the lights are already bright enough at work without my face dazzling like a disco ball.

I have been using this from Benefit religiously for years. I am yet to find an eyebrow product that does the job better than Benefit's goof proof eyebrow pencil. The formula is light and easy to apply, I have tried many eyebrow pencils which have a heavy formula which can be dry and causes tugging when trying to apply. This has a more waxy texture to it allowing a very quick application. It also comes with a spoolie which is always helpful for brushing the brows through and getting an even application of product throughout the eyebrow.

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