Friday 4 April 2014

Fashion Friday's - Topshop High Waisted Jeans

Because I am a rather small 5 foot tall, I am always thought that high waisted jeans would not be an option to suit my size and frame nicely. However, since picking these high waisted jeans up from Topshop a few months ago, they have been worn a lot. I got them from the Petite collection in Topshop as they sell 28" leg which is perfect for me. Note to everyone else though they also come in the normal range in a 30", 32" and 34" leg. I really just adore how comfortable these are, they were quite tight when I bought them but they have gone really stretchy now which makes them uber comfortable. This range has a huge selection of colours and styles; mine are the Moto Joni Super High Waisted in Mid Stone. They cost £36 which I think is really good value, for a pair of jeans that is definitely going to last you a few years. I never really understand how the jean sizes work in Topshop, but I usually have to go up a size as the sizing is usually quite small. However saying that next time I might get my normal size in this type of jean knowing how much these high waisted ones stretch over time. This is a perfect colour coming into spring as it is a pale blue which really brightens up outfits, and they look great paired with some dolly shoes.

Just before I finish this post, I would firstly like to apologise for not posting a Fashion Friday post like week. On Thursday I had a little accident which involved me and treadmill -the treadmill definitely won. I am currently sporting two nicely bruised and scabbed knees and a pulled muscle in the top of my leg. The post completely slipped my mind, so I am sorry but I am back with one of my favourite posts this week!!

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