Sunday 20 November 2016

Bath & Body Works Haul

Finally my Bath & Body Works arrived after weeks of waiting. I have had so much trouble with this order it has seriously put me off ordering again, but I will go through all the shipping details further on in the post.

I had been wanting to order from their for site for so long as I had heard so many amazing reviews of their products. On payday I took the plunge and ordered from their website and to my surprise the products were actually really well priced and affordable, definitely parallel to prices of the drugstores. There is always offers on and everything in this haul was under $4 each. I didn't have a list of what I wanted so I just took a little browse and added some products to my basket which I was excited to try. There is so much hype around the candles which they sell, I picked up Marshmallow Fireside and it smells sensational like you are burning s'mores and is the perfect autumnal scent for a cosy night in under blankets and watching a film. I have to say everything smells amazing and I cannot wait to try the Sweet Pea Shower Gel as it smells very fresh and refreshing. The Champagne Apple & Honey Body Lotion (unable to find) is very fruity as you would expect and the apple scent is what I can smell instantly and I really like it. I made this order just before Halloween so a lot of the collection was pumpkin flavoured. I honestly do not know why I ordered this I think it could've been by mistake, the Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte Hand Soap if you like coffee and the smell of praline then this is perfect for you. For me it is definitely not something which I would usually gravitate towards as I am a seriously fruit scent person and I really do not like this. Like I say I do not love this and will be passing it onto one of my friends. I am happy to say that the Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Body Cream is much more up my street as it is sweet like the name suggests and I cannot stop smelling this.

I have never had more problems with shipping from the USA as I have with this order. I used my usual shipping service Shipito which I have never had any problems with and I always use to ship my Colourpop orders. I did not expect the package to be as heavy as it was for some reason, and it originally was going to cost me $40 to ship this order and considering the order only costs $22.68 including tax in total I was so shocked. I then had the problem that I had also ordered 5 of the mini hand sanitisers ($5) which I was super excited about, and then Shipito informed they could not be shipped to the UK as they contain alcohol, so I could either send them back to Bath and Body Works which would cost more than their worth or discard them. I then researched about using the carrier service called Gosend but they were charging $18 before fees and insurance and I just cannot part with that for the worth of the products. If anyone has any suggestions of what I can do about this please give me a shout as they are currently just sitting in the Shipito warehouse. I then had to pay $5 to have the hand sanitisers removed and repacked so all together for this parcel it cost $32, which was just about bearable. I also thankfully was not hit by a shipping charge in the UK, as the order was now only worth $16. Unfortunately even though I really love the products, the price of shipping is just way too much for me. I have since seen their are lots of ebay buyers and facebook pages which sell Bath & Body Works products. However, I am always scared though that they are going to fakes of the real version.

What are you favourite Bath & Body Works products?

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