Wednesday 20 April 2016

Sephora Haul | Kat Von D & beauty blender

(Top to Bottom - Trooper, Lolita, Lovesick)

Whilst in Spain we took a trip to Cordoba and I unexpectedly saw a Sephora whilst on a city tour bus! My brain went into overdrive and over eating lunch, I quickly google mapped how far the store was from where was eating and it was 12 minutes away. I had 35 minutes until our coach was leaving, I leapt up and took to the tiny streets to try and find my way there by myself. Thankfully, it was easy to find. As I took a step into the store the Kat Von D was standing staring at me in all of it's glory, which was the reason why I headed to the store. I had already looked online before going on my holiday so I had a few shades ideas however, I instantly started swatching like crazy. Lolita and Lovesick ( were the two which I instantly fell in love with. I had my eyes on Double Dare and Bow n Arrow, but they both branched into the darker nude/brown shades which don't suit my skin colouring. Whilst in the queue at the checkout, my eyes fell upon the Beauty Blender which I have been wanting to get my hands on forever, and I just could not resist.

On another trip later on in the week, we went to Malaga where there was a Sephora within one of their huge department stores. My mum treated herself to a few bits from Sephora's pwn collection and bought me the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper as I had completely forgot to pick it up with being in such a rush on my previous trip.

I am super excited to try my new pieces out. What other Sephora pieces do I need to add to my new wishlist?

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