Wednesday 31 August 2016

My Favourite Bloggers

1. Just Charlotte by Charlotte Burns
Charlotte mostly focuses on beauty. What I love about her blog is that she has a great way with words which is something which I am always striving to improve personally. I find Charlotte's blog really warm hearted when I read it, and it is very relatable. She has similar interests to me and likes to blog about similar topics. She is also a very open and lovely person to interact with on Twitter.

2. 30 Plus and Beautiful by Tori
Tori is one of the very first people who I followed when I really started to get into blogging and interacting through social media. She recently took a little break from blogging, but she is definitely back and I have been loving reading all her new posts. She posts about a variety of things on her blog and I love the variation which she has as it keeps her content really fresh. Tori has also branched out into Tori's World which is exciting as her usual niche is beauty, she has now ventured also into lifestyle and her new sparkly name now covers all bases. I cannot wait to read her upcoming posts!

3. The Love Cats Inc by Helen
I love Helen's blog for fashion. She always has great posts and her photography is amazing. I like how she has simple outfits but they always look so pulled together and effortless. Somehow, her blog always looks so aesthetically pleasing and it definitely makes me want to strive to improve my blog. Her instagram is also as dreamy so if you need someone to follow for some inspiration I would definitely give her a follow.

4. Salt and Chic by Amy
Amy's blog is also fashion focused. I like how she is always a little bit out there with her outfits, but she always looks so effortlessly chic (literally!). She often buys lots of key pieces which are often off the highstreet which makes her relatable. Her blog makes me want to be a little more adventurous with my outfit choices and mix things up a little bit more. She also has fantastic photos and she always looks amazing in them as she is super pretty.

5. Kate La Vie by Kate
Kate's blog is great for everything and that is why I am such a big fan. She excels in all fields of her blog - beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Her photography is simply sensational and I know a lot of people in the blogging community look at her blog for inspiration. I think she is actually out there in a league of her own, and that is the reason why her blog has such a big following. If you want some homeware and decor inspiration her instagram is where you need to be! She also owns a stationery shop on her other site called Nouvelle Daily which has some amazing stationery pieces and I really recommend that you have a look as some of her items are beautiful.

There are so many other bloggers which I always ensure which I read and keep up to date with, and there are definitely too many to mention in this one post. I have really enjoyed writing this post and spreading some love in the blogging community.


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