Tuesday 28 October 2014

Christmas Lush Collection

I no its only October and I am a firm believer that Christmas can not start until at least November, but I just could not resist picking up two of Christmas bath bombs from Lush. There window displays are always magnificent and it simply drew me into the shop. I have never tried either of these products before so I was intrigued to see what they do. They are both £3.50 which is not cheap, but as a little treat and relaxation to yourself I think it is perfect.

I picked up Northern Lights which is a long purple stick of a bath bomb. The colour of this is what simply drew me in, it was so bright and vibrant. The lady told me that it will turn my bath water bright purple with blue running through it. It contains jasmine and ylang-ylang oil which is calming. The best feature of this is definitely the little silver stars which is contains which get scattered around your bath.

The second bath bomb I picked up was Luxury Lush Pud. I loved the holly in the middle and all the different colours speckled around the outside. The back half of the bath bomb is pink so that is the main colour which your water will turn  but then as it fizzes each colour will add to each making a rainbow in your bath! It contains lavender which will soothe and relax whilst your in a little world of you own enjoying the peace and quiet.

Have you picked any of the Christmas Collection up yet?

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