Sunday 29 May 2016

The Monthly Roundup for May: Deadlines, Placement, Nights Out and Summer Plans

Deadlines, Placement and Qualifying
May saw me hand in my ever last piece of coursework at uni and my god was it a relief. I still have the result to get back from it which is nerve wracking but I am hoping I never have to write an essay again ever in my life (or at least until I possibly do a masters in a few years!). It is such a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and the end is finally in sight. Alongside this in terms of all things uni, at the end of April I started my last ever placement before I qualify. Just writing this scares me terrifically. I have 12 weeks of placement, and at week 10 I qualify. I am about the embark on week 6 and I cannot believe how fast time is whizzing past. I didn't really have a settling in phase as the ward has been so busy, but I want this placement to be as busy as possible so I am fully prepared for when I qualify. I am not going to lie I am super excited to finish my degree though.

Nights Out
I'm not sure what happened to me in May but I seemed to have gone a little bit crazy with going out. I went on a night out to the Northern Quarter which was an unexpectable night. We went for food first in a restaurant called Dough which does a-m-a-z-i-n-g pizzas. I recommend it if you are looking for somewhere new to eat in the Northern Quarter, or you are just simply a pizza lover like me.  We then went to a few cocktail bars such as Tiki Hula and Apotheca which were lovely. I was a little bit disappointed as we wanted to try out Turtle Bay but it was way too busy and the queues for the bar were crazily long.

The following weekend I went out again to the Northern Quarter for my best friends 22nd birthday. She lives in London where she is studying so I don't get to see her that much, so I was super excited to be reunited as she's such a babe. I had an amazing night drinking a variety of different cocktails at places such as Trof, Neighbourhood and Hula. We got in at about 3 so we clearly had a great night, and obviously a picked up a pizza on the way home!

I also went out for a little night out in Carlisle as they have some really nice cocktails bars at the moment, and it's cheaper than back home which is always a positive. At this moment in time whilst writing this I am debating on going out with my girls this weekend as it is bank holiday. I am currently fighting the urge as my funds are thin, but I don't know just how strong I will be able to be.

Getting excited for summer
I have been getting super excited for summer, July in particularly. It is all starts with Beyonce at the start of the month, which I am super excited for as it is going to be amazing! Then two days later it is my birthday and I am turning 22, and I just love having a summer birthday and planning a special night out. Then I finish placement and uni for good, meaning I will qualify as a nurse. This also means I will be leaving my student house and Carlisle for good, which I currently have mixed emotions about but I am super excited to be back home. Then the week after it is my friend from unis hen do, so we are going to a fancy spa hotel, going to the theatre and then having a big night out in Newcastle. To finish July, the day after the hen do I am going to Tenerife for a week with my girl friends from home, which is super exciting and I just cannot wait. All in all I have lots planned for summer, as in August I am going to Majorca with my mum and dad for 2 and a half weeks. So you can probably understand that the thought of all this is getting me through my last term at uni.

I also joined Slimming World this month as I am determined to lose a stone which was my weight was before I started uni. I also found out some news from the doctors this month which came as a shock and I am undecided as to whether I am going to share it on my blog yet. I have started on some medication which I am hoping will help, but also explains my years of acne and also my weight gain (I ain't preggers!). I started Slimming World at the start of the month, and the first week I didn't take it seriously at all. However, week 2 I followed the plan to a certain degree and I lost 2lbs so this was the kickstart which I needed. I have also been doing Charlotte Crosby's 3 Minute Bum Blitz, and I actually really like it. There are some easy routines building up to much more intense routines which definitely make you sweat. As the sessions are only 3 minutes I usually choose my favourites and and do about 5/6 as well as the warm up and cool down.

I don't think I have missed anything out, and it seems like a lot actually happened in May!


Friday 27 May 2016

May Favourites

This month I bought a few new beauty products which was very exciting, and I have been totally loving having them within my collection and I have been using them alot. We have had some lovely weather this month, and I have been enjoying mixing up my makeup. I have been loving bright lips this month, so I have been experimenting with my favourite shades.

The Jeffree Star Cosmetics in Gemini is one of my purchases this month. I bought this and the shade Doll Parts and I did a full post on them which you can read here. The shade Gemini is beautiful, it is a nude which has warm terracotta tones. This is definitely not a shade which I would naturally gravitate to but something just drew me into it. I am so glad that I purchased this as I have worn it twice and I have had so many compliments. Most importantly, it is comfortable to wear and survives the cocktail drinking test. The brand is American but the British site Cocktail Cosmetics imports the stock when they do restocks which is great.

The other product which I bought this month is the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette. I had been eyeing this up for months ever since I saw it advertised by Too Faced. I have been using it pretty much everyday since I bought it. As I explain in this post, I thought this was going to just lots of peachy/neutral shades which is what you would expect by the name. However, it has such a variety of shades, some of the best which I have seen in a long time. This would be superb for travelling because of the vast shade range. There is a mixture of mattes and shimmers, and those peachy tones within the palette are rather beautiful and perfect for Spring and Summer. This has unfortunately sold out everywhere at the moment online, I bought it on it's release day. They do have some Too Faced concession stands in some Debenhams so definitely check out your nearest store.

I bought the Imperial Leather Marshmallow Shower Gel on the whim whilst I was waiting to pay in Boot's as I remembered that was what I was actually going into buy, not the handfuls of makeup in my basket. I initially thought that this could be overly sweet, but in fact it smells delicious and just like pink marshmallows. This was such great value for just £1 and this lathers up nicely, and leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft.

I have re-fallen in love this month with the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation. When I first bought it I was not convinced by it, and considering the £29 price tag I was disappointed. After being determined not to give up with it, I started experimenting with it in a variety of different ways. I definitely think this works better with a damp beauty blender rather than a blending brush as the formula can cling to dry patches, so you definitely need a good base which has well moisturised your skin.

What have been your favourites during May?


Wednesday 25 May 2016

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks - Lolita II and Lovesick

Kat Von D liquid lipsticks are the most sort after liquid lipstick on the beauty market. Unfortunately for us brits they are only sold in Sephora which is such a pain unless you want to mass online order. I picked this up when I was in Spain over Easter. When I was at the till I considered putting Lovesick back as they are not cheap (20 euros). But I really wanted to try more than one colour out, and I am so glad that I decided to buy it as the shade is gorgeous.

Lolita II and Lovesick are both shades which I had done my research on, as there has been huge publicity from bloggers surrounding these. There are quite a few must have shades and I quickly swatched nearly all of the shades which they had available. These two really stood out to me. I originally thought I wanted Lolita and that was the shade which I thought I would buy. But I realised that Lolita was actually so much darker than I thought, and I wanted to pick up some everyday shades. Lolita II is a rich nude with terracotta tones. It is a medium mix between red and orange, and I own nothing like it. This type of shade is so popular at the moment and lots of brands are bringing out these colours. Lovesick a medium rosy pink. I was initially thinking that I had quite a few lipstick colours already like this. Pink is a colour which I have always been naturally drawn towards, it is my favourite colour and suits my fair skin tone and blonde hair colouring. I did not own any liquid lipsticks of this shade, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to add to my collection.

The formula of these are soft and smooth when applied and then they dry down to a matte finish. A lot have said that they the length of the wand is too long on these, but I actually really like the thin, long wand as it helps with precision. The nib is slanted and allows you to create the perfect shape of your lips, meaning you can fill them in easier. I have worn these numerous times and everytime I have been really impressed. They stay comfortable on your lips, they are dry but all matte formulas have to be. However, they are not overly dry or become flakey and patchy. My bug bear with liquid lipsticks is when the inner part of my lips starts to fade and the outer edges are still perfectly in place. This stays in place pretty well, I think that you are always going to have a little bit of budging when eating especially with greasy foods with lots of oils. This is however pretty budge proof and you only need minor touch ups after eating. Reapplication is easy and doesn't require much effort, as I just usually reapply a new layer to the entire lip and it is as good as new. If I have not eaten it will easily last a good few hours and look as good as new. The application is more glossy and smooth when it is first applied. It definitely doesn't take long for it to dry into a much more matte finish which then sits nicely on the lips.

I have got my eyes on picking up some more of these, but unfortunately it won't be until July when I am in Europe next. Do you have any shade recommendations for me to add to my wishlist?


Sunday 22 May 2016

Ivy Park Tee

Ivy Park is the latest launch from Queen Bey. I am a huge fan of Beyonce and I was both surprised and excited at the launch of her new sports and fitness range. I was intrigued into the reasonings as to why she wanted to launch the range and if she had had much input into the brand or if it was her name being attached the brand just for the promotion. She was recently on the cover of Elle magazine and she did a full interview with them which was dedicated to the range. She talks about how she was the one who came up with the initial ideas, as she saw a gap on the highstreet market. She also states how she was the one to approach the bosses of Topshop as she thought it would be a company who would represent the brand well. The line involves lots of different clothing pieces which are made from different fabrics which she says are breathable. I can see that a lot of time and effort has gone into the line as the clothing is aimed at a wide range people doing different exercise levels. There is also a variety of styles depending on your body shape and what you finds fits you best such as the leggings coming in low rise, medium rise and high rise. 

On the day of the release I wanted a few things from the range, but as I was ordering online and the website kept crashing I just picked up the Logo Crew Neck Tee in Pink to see whether I liked the products or not. However, I got an email a few days after saying it was now out of stock and it has been since. I then went into a store and picked up the Logo Crew Neck Tee in Light Grey as I thought it was a classic tee which I would be able to wear both in the gym and casually. I picked it up in the size XXS which is technically a size 6, meaning these are definitely bigger than Topshop's own sizes as I would always get an 8 in a tee. It is a light thin super soft jersey material, which comes in a relaxed shape. It is comfortable to wear and at £16 I think it is good value. I am wanting to pick up some more pieces from the line and the bralette and leggings are at the top of my wishlist. 

Have you picked anything up from the line?


Friday 20 May 2016

NYX Baked Blush in Foreplay

I had £7 worth of Boots points to spend and what better way to spend them than on a new product from NYX. Every product which I try from them is constantly wowing me and this does not disappoint. It is the Baked Blush in Foreplay, which is a gorgeous pink blush with a golden shimmer running through it. Before buying this I had been consistently wearing my Hourglass Blush Palette as I love how soft the texture is and the colour pay off from the shades. I haven't heard much about these baked blushes from NYX, but they looked really lovely and I was instantly drawn to this shimmery shade. They have good pigmentation but if you want a strong blush look you may need to give your brush a swirl around the pan a few times. I like that it is not over the top though, and for spring and summer a light dusting of this shimmery highlight over my cheeks is exactly what I want.

They cost £6.50 and there are some seriously gorgeous shades within this collection. I have a fair skintone so this looks beautiful on my complexion, but I think this could be a little too light for a lot other skintones. Like I say, there is a lot of shades in this range and I think that there would be definitely be a shade to suit everyone. NYX are popping up in Boots left, right and centre which is exciting. If there isn't a counter near you then you can get everything which NYX sells online.

Have you tried these baked blushes?



Wednesday 18 May 2016

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipsticks - Gemini and Doll Parts

(Top - Dolls Part, Bottom - Gemini)

I do not know where I have been for the last few months or even years, as I didn't know anything about Jeffree Star - who he was, or what he was all about. I saw some of my fave beauty bloggers tweeting all about him and his cosmetics line and I decided to do a little research. I first came across his YouTube channel, and was seriously expressed with his makeup skills as he is insanely good. I subscribed and became a little bit obsessed with watching lots of his videos. I then realised that he his a line of liquid lipsticks. If you know me I love liquid lipsticks, so I was instantly intrigued, after a little more research I realised that these have been really been in demand and read some incredible reviews. When something is really difficult to get hold off, it instantly becomes a mission of mine to get hold of it. I was super happy when I discovered that they sell his products on Cocktail Cosmetics which is a British website, which instantly makes me happy as I am done with paying custom charges from America.

Around this time he was about to release some new lipstick shades - Scorpio and Gemini. Scorpio is a lilac purple shade which is stunning, but a little too out there and definitely not an everyday shade for me. Gemini on the other hand was definitely more of a me shade, it is a nude shade but has a hint of burnt orange which makes it different to anything within my collection which is differently how I justified this purchase. I also set my sights on the shade Dolls Part which is differently a Lucy shade. It is a cool toned pink shade, I definitely have lipsticks which are similar to this shade but I don't have any liquid lipsticks in any similar shade, another justification! I missed the first restock of Gemini which I was pretty devastated about, so when they announced they had some extra stock left I was my missions to get my hands on them. I was on placement that day which was so typical, but it just so happens that the trusty JasmineTalksBeauty was on hand to give me the heads up and I literally went on my break and saw her notifications so jumped online to get them for myself. Talk about perfect timing.

They arrived the day after which was super great service, and I could not wait to try them out. I quickly swatched them, and was instantly filled with happiness. They are smooth to apply, the wand is slightly arched making it easier to define the outer edges of your lips. The formula is slightly wet when first applied, but very pigmented  and on the same level as the Kat Von D liquid lipsticks. Once dried they are matte, but are comfortable on the lips and remain comfortable which is what you want in a matte formula. Last Saturday I wore Dolls Parts and it actually sets a little darker than when first applied. I spontaneously decided to add a little Gemini into the mix on the centre of my lips and the results were epic. I love experimenting and this was something which worked really well. The most impressive part was they literally did not budge at all, unlike the ColourPop ones which do transfer. I had multiple cocktails, and when I went to look in my mirror my lipstick was still perfectly in place. I was seriously sold, and it definitely passed the longevity test. These are £14 which I think is a mid range to high end price and you definitely get your money's worth. Unfortunately they are sold out on Cocktail Cosmetics but they do seem to restock whenever Jeffree restocks his own stock. I know that quite a few bloggers have ordered from his website and they cost $18 so it works out slightly cheaper at about £12.50, but then the shipping is a little bit more and like I said before Royal Mail is being very thorough with their custom charges at the moment. His website does however have Doll Parts currently in stock so if need it then you can grab it there.

Are you on board with the Jeffree Star hype?


Sunday 15 May 2016

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette

I have swatched each shade:

Line 1:

Line 2:

Line 3:

I have been waiting for this Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette to be released since I first saw it appear on Twitter a few weeks ago. They day it was released on the debenhams website (currently out of stock), I went online and instantly bought it with no regrets. I am so glad that I picked it up as it is such a lovely palette. I have never tried any Too Faced products previously, but I have heard so much about their Chocolate Palette I was so excited to try a product from the brand.

This palette smells of peaches but it is nothing too overwhelming and you have to get pretty close to be able to smell the scent. I was worried that there was going to be too many peach shades in this palette, which sounds crazy considering the name but I wanted it to have some versatility. It was every thing which I could want and more, in terms of the shade range. It has three truly peach shades - Just Peachy, Candied Peach and Bellini. These are all beautiful shades and I have enjoyed using them as I don't have any true peaches in my collection. My favourites from the palettes are Nectar, Lusicious and Cobbler. Surprisingly I love Peach Pit which is a beautiful glitter purple shade which I think is lovely. 

In terms of the the pigmentation I think there is a bit of variety within the shades. Most of them have amazing pigmentation with one swatch but shades such as Peaches n Cream take a little more work. They are all still good shades though which is what you want in a palette. This is great for everyday is there are a range of nudes and golds, but there is also some much more intense shades to create a much darker smokey eye.

This palette is perfect for the spring and summer and I really think if you are looking for a new palette with versitaltity that this is for you. It is great for travelling and I was surprised at how streamline and thin the packaging is, making it less bulky and doesn't take up a lot of room. The palette is limited edition so if you are wanting it, I suggest you try and snap it up sometime soon.

Are you going to get your hands on this beaut of a palette? 



Friday 13 May 2016

My Favourite Liquid Lipsticks

There are soo many liquid lipsticks on the market these days, as they have landed in the beauty industry with a well and truly big boom. I am a huge fan, and am always wanting to try new ones out whenever they are released. I do own quite a few so I thought I would do a little run down of my current favourites.

First up the latest addition to my liquid lipstick collection is from Kat Von D in the shade Lovesick. I have fallen head over heels for this, and is a stand out favourite. It is a rose toned nude which suits my skintone beautifully. The formula of these are one the best out there, but they are also the most expensive. They have a soft texture and apply super easy. Some people have commented that they are not fond of the long wand, but I actually really like that as I find it makes it easier to be precise. I wore this at a night time and I found it lasted really well, and the texture is the most comfortable and lightweight of them all. A firm favourite and I must pick up more next time I stumble upon a Sephora.

There was sooo much hype around the release of the Kylie Cosmetics lip kits (post). I really wanted one and one night whilst scrolling Twitter, I saw that they were doing their first ever restock so jumped on the site and managed to get one. I picked the shade Posie K which is a little darker than Lovesick, and has darker purple tones running through it. I do really like this and I like that it comes with a matching lip liner. These are a tad drying on the lips but they are the mattest of the bunch. They dry matte and stay matte, so they do what they say they are going to. These are so hard to get hold off, but I think $29 is a good price. However, with the shipping and custom fees which adds up to nearly the same amount as the product I won't be in a rush to reorder.

The NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams are more of a mousse like texture, which I like as they are comfortable to wear and are not too drying, but these are not a true matte. Prague is a lovely rosy pink shade which is a great spring colour and I think I am going to get a lot of wear out of. Istanbul is a cool pink toned nude and I am a huge fan of this. It is a great everyday shade and one which I keep in my handbag as it is a shade which will suit all makeup looks day or night. These are great value for just £5.50 and are so much easier to get hold of now they are sold on Boots online and also within many Boots stores.

Discovering the brand ColourPop has not been good for my bank account, but thankfully the prices of their products are very affordable (post). A lot of american bloggers are a huge fan of their liquid lipsticks, and I love their Ultra Satin range. I have three shades, all of which are great quality and different to any other liquid lipstick within my collection. Panda is a deep pink violet and a colour which I would never usually choose as it is much too daring for me to wear. I took the plunge and ordered it and I have been totally loving it. Lyin' King is another bold shade and one which I have been loving just as equally. I own lots of nude toned liquid lipsticks and its great to have a brighter pink shade to wear. Echo Park is the nudest lipstick of any kind which I own, and I previously always stayed away as I thought they would wash me out, but in fact this looks really lovely. It is slightly darker than a true nude so it still stands out slightly, this has become a favourite of mine and is also one which I reach for on a daily basis. I adore the formula of these as they are a satin finish. This means that they have a slight sheen and are more moisturising than any of the others. They are definitely not glossy but they have a satin finish which means they look more glossy on the lips than any other liquid lipstick.

I have just picked up two of the Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks and I cannot wait to try them out! What are your favourite liquid lipstick?



Wednesday 11 May 2016

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

I bought this back at the start of April when I took a trip to Sephora in Spain. The Kat Von D Tattoo Liner was a must have within the blogging / beauty community when it was first released quite a while ago. I always thought 20 euros was rather expensive but I really needed to see what all the hype was about. I am so pleased that I did pick this up as I definitely do not feel as though I have wasted my money in any way. The nib is ultra thin and made into the perfect point, this is what sets this apart from the rest on the market. Before this I had been using the Rimmel Scandaleyes Liner for years, and I stand by that it is the best eyeliner available at the drugstore. However, the nib is much finer and flexible which really allows you to create the smallest line if that is the look which you are going for. I always try to take some extra time with liner, to build it up to my desired thickness. This allows you to do it as quickly and precisely as possible as it is so super easy to use. I picked up the black shade which is called Trooper, I would say that it is a true black and is true to colour. They also have a dark brown shade called Mad Max Brown, if you prefer brown to black.

 I had heard that this does not include much product for the price, which was one of the reasons which was keeping me back from purchasing it. I was surprised at how small it is as it contains 0.02oz, I am hoping that this does last me quite a while. As I say it is definitely not cheap and the most which I have ever, and will ever spend on an eyeliner. The pen nib clicks into place within the tubing and it feels like there is a spring inside it. This is a great addition as I am hoping this will keep it fresh and prevent it from drying out which is the one downfall with all liquid liners. When I bought this I did not know it was waterproof but this is such an added bonus as my eyes do get watery and I hate when it starts to peel off and looks patchy. All in all, I have been really loving using this and has fast become my go to eyeliner.



Sunday 8 May 2016

Zara Cross Body Bag

Whilst doing my weekly browse of the aisles of Zara within the TRF section, my eyes were instantly drawn to this pale pink Cross Body Bag. It is a great size and is perfect for everyday as well as nights out, as you are able to fit everything which you need for the day or night into it easily without it being a tight squeeze. I really like that the press stud fastens on the inside of the bag as I feel like it is a little bit safer, but also it doesn't take away the simplicity of the bag. This will be great to take on holidays as the colour is pale and will suit so many outfits. I love that the detailing is golden and the chain is chunky and adds some style to the bag. I am a fan of clutch bags especially for the night time and this is really versatile as you able to take the chain off and have it just as a clutch if you prefer. If you are not a fan of pink this also comes in a lovely mint colour, and I was torn as to which shade to choose as they were both beautiful colours. I think I am going to have to go back and buy it as already know that I would get so much use of it. If I have not yet managed to convince you to buy this for yourself, I think I will by telling you the price which is just £9.99. I think it is such great value for such an on trend bag for the Spring/Summer.



Friday 6 May 2016

Refinding motivation

After I got back from my recent holiday from Spain, I found myself being so relaxed and super chilled which is just what I needed. Before I went away I found myself at the peek of my 'blogging game', I was organised, constantly posting, having pictures and posts written up in advance and having lots of new ideas to constantly feature on my blog. I was so motivated and excited about my content, which is the key reason as to why I blog.

On return from my holiday I had some motivation to start the motions again, but it was forced rather than my usual enthusiasm. I decided to kickstart myself by brainstorming lots of ideas as this always leads to me thinking of lots of new things. I then look in my diary to see when I have free time and assign when I'm going to take photos and when I'm going to write posts. This helps to feel in more control of when I'm going to blog and I instantly feel much more organised. I think I can put lots of pressure on myself to blog as I want to have constant new posts, and it's sometimes frustrating not having the time.

To find further inspiration I always have a browse online, read magazines, read others blogs to see if it can spark anything which can relate to your content and blog, and lastly read your own older blog posts. I read Elle monthly and it always inspires me to find new products and trends for the season. Following brands on Twitter and joining in #bbloggers chat always motivates me as I can get excited about beauty products with others who equally enjoy the same passion.

I also enjoy looking back over old posts and what I my viewers have most enjoyed reading. This is especially helpful for posts such as favourites, must haves and posts which feature multiple products. This really helped me plan for the entire month as I you can plan around things which you will doing within that month. Even if you just start listing products which you want to feature in a post, but are not sure what you are going to do with it yet, at least it is down on paper and you can refer back to it at any time you like.

I find using my blogging notebook and planning out posts is also an essential way to kickstart your mojo as having it out in front of you makes everything much more easy to see. I also put the dates of the days I am blogging down one side and then brainstorm on the other page so I don't miss anything which I might think of in an instance. Just having a few ideas jotted down can catapult ideas and before you know it you have your entire months worth of posts planned out.

I think something which is important to kickstart getting your mojo back is reading comments from your readers and looking at your stats. No matter how big or small your blog is seeing that someone is reading it is a huge deal and that is what keeps me going. Seeing that people are reading and enjoying your work is the biggest amount of motivation in which you can get.

I do however think that if you do need a blogging break then take one. We all get those days when we just do not want to blog and I always find on these days that my work is never as good. Never force yourself to blog, it is something which you should enjoy every moment of. Sometimes I find myself really unmotivated yet when I do start blogging I totally get into it. But I have had many of days when I just cannot get into it, and these days are definitely not suppose to be blogging days. I put my camera and laptop down and just reschedule to blog on another day.

I hope you can take away a few tips from this post! Please let me know what motivates and inspires you with your blog?



Wednesday 4 May 2016

The Best 2016 Launches So Far

The beauty world has released so many new products since the start of 2016, and it can be overwhelming as to what we should/shouldn't be picking up. I have picked out a few of my ultimate favourites which I have been loving so far this year.

I think this Maybelline Push Up Drama Mascara launched right at the start of the year, and it has been my only mascara of choice. If you a regular reader of my blog you will have seen this mentioned in many posts as a must have drugstore item. I love the formula it gives my lashes a good amount of lift and volume, it is a little bit wet so it does take a little longer to dry but that is the only downside I ever find when applying this.

I discovered the brand Colourpop at the start of the year, and the one product from them which I have become obsessed with is their Ultra Satin Lipsticks. These launched at the start of March I have three different shades but the one which I have been wearing on repeat is Echo Park. It is the perfect nude but with slightly dark and has rosy pink hint to it which is what I adore about them. These are a liquid lipstick which have a great shade range, but most importantly apply smoothing and last a good amount of time. As they are a satin finish they do not feel dry or flaky on the lips, and are super comfortable to wear all day long. I have a full post with swatches here, but seriously these are fabulous and for $6 you cannot go wrong.

This Anastasia Brow Definer launched in February and I instantly ordered it from BeautyBay. It was the perfect timing as my Brow Wiz had just finished and I was on the lookout for a new brow pencil. I was a little sceptical of the triangular shape at first, but it actually works amazing well and allows you to add both definition and detail. They have a great shade range in this collection, I wear the shade Taupe and it is a great match to my hair colour.

These only launched at the start of April but the Kiko Candy Canes Nail Polishes are just so much fun. I have the pink colour which is called Fun Guarana. This is a polish which is literally fun of glitter and little pieces of decoration. It is quite a thick formula so I only need one coat for it apply, and they have packed so many of the little speckles that you don't have to go back in and try to add more. This is just £4.90, and I am excited to pick up some of the other shades.

What have been your must have products to launch so far this year?



Sunday 1 May 2016

April spending ban - the lowdown

At the end of March I seemed to have a pile of new makeup stacked up in the top of my muji drawers. I had my new Kylie Lip Kit which I had been wanting for the whole of March, and I finally took the plunge and got my hands on one. I also made a Colourpop order which I had also been wanting to make forever. I think that you can get pulled in very easily to making online orders, and forget how much you've already spent even quicker. Then I went on holiday to Spain and not one. but two Sephora trips happened which included a lot of Kat Von D which have hefty price tags. Therefore, I pledged for the whole of April to not buy any makeup or beauty products at all. I knew this was going to be hard, but until you've banned myself you don't quite realise how often you 'treat' yourself.

You are going to totally laugh as I kind of failed on day one. On the 31st March Kylie Jenner announced she was releasing a new line of lip glosses and I totally got caught up in the action. So on the 1st April when they were released I ordered two. I was considering ending my ban there and then, but I thought I would carry on and see how I would get on.

For the first half of the month I had been on the look out for the Pixi Glow Tonic in every M&S in the North West I think, but thankfully it is sold out. I have checked BeautyBay and it is stock but I don't need to until the end of the month so I think I will be able to resist. Receiving a text off my friend saying the next holiday installment is due next week has definitely managed to keep my spending at bay. Even if I do say so myself so far I think I am doing well.

I did have a stumble on the 19th April as I went to a student lock in night in Manchester. Boots were offering 10% off everything and I also had a £10 voucher to use. I did picked up a few bits from NYX, I went in for the Angel Veil Primer as my Laura Mercier one had ran out and I've heard it is a good dupe for it. I also picked up a new butter gloss in Angel Food Cake and a Born to Glow Illuminator. I spent £11 of my own money, as I also used the voucher so I didn't do too much crazy spending.

I had to literally prise the laptop out of my hands when Jeffree Star released his new liquid lipstick in Scorpio, but I decided it wasn't an everyday shade. But god help me when they release the shade Gemini as I don't think I will be able to resist. I also resisted a Colourpop order (although my saved basket is full!) and ordering some Morphe brushes. I was so close to ordering and then I thought about everything in which I need to pay for in the next few weeks and that definitely managed to squash my temptations.

It is now the last day in April and I am super proud of how well I have done. I did have two minor slip ups but they weren't massive, and I didn't spend a lot at all which I am super happy with. I think I did save a little money, but I found myself treating myself to other things instead which kind of took the purpose of the spending ban away. If I was to do it again I would definitely put myself on a spending ban of all types, and not just beauty products. Like I have said having at the back of my mind that I have to pay for holidays and a hen do, that definitely kept me on track and focused.

Now, where are all of those saved basket full of products at!


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