Friday 6 May 2016

Refinding motivation

After I got back from my recent holiday from Spain, I found myself being so relaxed and super chilled which is just what I needed. Before I went away I found myself at the peek of my 'blogging game', I was organised, constantly posting, having pictures and posts written up in advance and having lots of new ideas to constantly feature on my blog. I was so motivated and excited about my content, which is the key reason as to why I blog.

On return from my holiday I had some motivation to start the motions again, but it was forced rather than my usual enthusiasm. I decided to kickstart myself by brainstorming lots of ideas as this always leads to me thinking of lots of new things. I then look in my diary to see when I have free time and assign when I'm going to take photos and when I'm going to write posts. This helps to feel in more control of when I'm going to blog and I instantly feel much more organised. I think I can put lots of pressure on myself to blog as I want to have constant new posts, and it's sometimes frustrating not having the time.

To find further inspiration I always have a browse online, read magazines, read others blogs to see if it can spark anything which can relate to your content and blog, and lastly read your own older blog posts. I read Elle monthly and it always inspires me to find new products and trends for the season. Following brands on Twitter and joining in #bbloggers chat always motivates me as I can get excited about beauty products with others who equally enjoy the same passion.

I also enjoy looking back over old posts and what I my viewers have most enjoyed reading. This is especially helpful for posts such as favourites, must haves and posts which feature multiple products. This really helped me plan for the entire month as I you can plan around things which you will doing within that month. Even if you just start listing products which you want to feature in a post, but are not sure what you are going to do with it yet, at least it is down on paper and you can refer back to it at any time you like.

I find using my blogging notebook and planning out posts is also an essential way to kickstart your mojo as having it out in front of you makes everything much more easy to see. I also put the dates of the days I am blogging down one side and then brainstorm on the other page so I don't miss anything which I might think of in an instance. Just having a few ideas jotted down can catapult ideas and before you know it you have your entire months worth of posts planned out.

I think something which is important to kickstart getting your mojo back is reading comments from your readers and looking at your stats. No matter how big or small your blog is seeing that someone is reading it is a huge deal and that is what keeps me going. Seeing that people are reading and enjoying your work is the biggest amount of motivation in which you can get.

I do however think that if you do need a blogging break then take one. We all get those days when we just do not want to blog and I always find on these days that my work is never as good. Never force yourself to blog, it is something which you should enjoy every moment of. Sometimes I find myself really unmotivated yet when I do start blogging I totally get into it. But I have had many of days when I just cannot get into it, and these days are definitely not suppose to be blogging days. I put my camera and laptop down and just reschedule to blog on another day.

I hope you can take away a few tips from this post! Please let me know what motivates and inspires you with your blog?



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