Friday 30 September 2016

Halloween Lush Haul

I took a little trip to the Lush store in Manchester and discovered that the Halloween collection has launched. I knew it was about to be released and I got very excited when I saw the collection staring at me. I have a lot of Lush bath products in a big bag waiting to be used as I have gone a little crazy in the past year. This means that I had to restrain myself and not buy the entire collection! The Christmas collection is due to launch soon so I thought I would just pick up my favourites from the Halloween collection so that I can have a variety of both.

First up, the Pumpkin is a beautifully spiced bath bomb which is what instantly drew me in. The vanilla and spicy cinnamon mixed together creates the perfect perfect pumpkin pie scent. To me pumpkins represent Halloween and I thought it was a great addition to the collection. I also picked up Monsters' Ball, which is one the cutest things that Lush has ever brought out. I instantly thought it was so fun and the scent also drew me in, it smells fresh and clean. This contains lime meaning it gives it a lovely all over citrus scent to the bath bomb. I cannot wait to try this out as I think all the colours mixed together are going to look beautiful. I did also smell the Autumn Leaf and Lord of Misrule, however I wasn't drawn in by their scents as I prefer something more fruity.

Did you pick anything up from the Halloween collection?


Wednesday 28 September 2016

Current Favourite High End Makeup

My last post was my current favourite drugstore makeup which you can catch up on here. Today I bring you my high end version.

First up if you saw my recent Sephora haul, you will have seen that I picked up the new Kat Von D Lock It Foundation. I just could not resist and it was definitely a great buy. It is a full coverage foundation with a fluid consistency which does give that full coverage without looking cakey. It does the trick of covering blemishes and I always add a little bit more to those problem areas to ensure that it does stay in place. It dries to a matte finish but I would say it is more of a semi-matte on me as it still has some light dewiness to it and does not have a dull finish.

I recently repurchased my Beauty Blender as my previous one ripped in two. I never understood the fuss surrounding this little sponge, until I tried it and then I got the craze after just one application. When the sponge is dampened and has expanded it creates a smooth application of my foundation across my face. It gives equal coverage around my all areas and I think it gives an extra dewiness to my foundation.

I have repurchased and repurchased the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Powder as it is such a great powder. When applied it adds a light, buildable coverage which feels weightless on the skin, but helps to keep base makeup in place. It is great to have in your handbag in case you need a little touch up as it gives a natural finish.

The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Dim Infusion is such a wonderful shade to add some life and glow to the cheekbones. I am fair skinned and this adds some luminosity, colour and shimmer to my cheeks which is exactly what I want. The marble effect on these are beautiful, and the blend of the colours in each blush have been match to perfection. They give a beautiful radiant yet natural finish, which brightens my entire complexion.

I love, love, love the Kat Von D Liquid Lipsticks, and the shade Mother has been my recent go-to colour. It is a vibrant dark pink which looks amazing going into the Autumn as it a raspberry colour which stands out. The formulas of these are fabulous as they are longwearing and do not budge at all which is exactly what you want as you don't want it transferring or budging throughout the day. This line of liquid lipsticks come in a vast range of colours and they have some stunning shades to suit everyone.

What is current favourite high end makeup item?


Sunday 25 September 2016

Current Favourite Drugstore Makeup

If I have been loving any particular products for a period of time, and I think they are worth buying I pop them all together in a post and this is what I bring you today.

First up the L'Oreal True Match Foundation, I repurchased this a few weeks ago after I got back off holiday in a darker shade as I managed to get a bit of a tan. I didn't want to spend a lot of money as I knew I wouldn't be the darker colour for too long. I have had this many times before and I have always been impressed. This time though I was particularly impressed. The formula is thin and feels light on the skin, it is medium coverage but is definitely buildable without it looking patchy. This has so many shade ranges now which is brilliant as their will definitely be a shade for everyone.

I have mentioned  the NYX Angel Veil Primer quite a lot of my blog and as you can tell the bottle is nearly empty. I have tried a few drugstore primers and this is the best one which I have tried. It is a cream consistency with sits well on the skin and is great for drier skin types. I think you do need to apply a little more compared with a gel based primer, just as it does not go quite as far.

I have fallen back in love with the Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara since rebuying it a few months ago. Whilst I was at uni I could not afford many high end products and I had heard amazing things about this. I am sure I have bought the original version of this previously, but I don't think I particularly loved it. However, this time around the waterproof version has been a massive hit. The best part of the product is the brush it has a large curve to it which works a dream at giving my lashes curl and volume. I will definitely be repurchasing this when it runs out as I think great drugstore mascaras are hard to come across.

Everytime someone has asked me for a highlighter recommendation, this MUA Highlighter in Iridescent Gold instantly rolls off my tongue. I should be on commission for the amount of people who have bought it and said how much they love it! It costs just £3 and there are a few different shades in the line depending on what you are looking for. This one is a white based highlighter with shimmer running through it. It is highly pigmented and you definitely only need a little bit as I have been known to look a little disco ball on some occasions where I have just 'added a little bit more'.

I love Colourpop Cosmetics Ultra Satin Liquid Lipsticks a lot. For the price they are insanely good. I would 100% say they are the best drugstore liquid lipsticks which I have tried, and I have tried many. The shade which I have been loving is Cozy, I love the vibrancy of the shade. It is a red shade but it has a vibrant orange undertone which I love as it suits my colourings better than a standard red. The consistency is soft and easy to apply and has more of a shine than a matte finish which I actually really like as they feel super comfortable on the lips all day. I do find some liquid liquid lipsticks can feel heavy, and can go patchy and flaky throughout the day. If you do need to reapply this it is easy and quick to do. Colourpop have started to do international shipping finally, but I think it is still cheaper to use Shipto which I have written all about in previous post which you can read here.

What drugstore products have you being loving recently?



Wednesday 21 September 2016

Sephora Haul: KVD, Too Faced & Beautyblender

Whilst in Majorca I took a visit to the Sephora in Palma. I have been to this one before, and although not huge it stocks most of my favourite brands. I actually ended up making two trips this year as within Europe they have huge department stores called El Ingles Corte and the one in Palma has a Sephora concession within it to my delight.

On my first trip to the Sephora store I did not want to go overboard as I knew that Kat Von D was being launched in the UK which is now has, but I bought the Lock-It Foundation as I got colour matched and it the one thing which was at the top of my beauty wishlist. I am happy to report that since buying this I have used it frequently and I have been impressed. The finish is matte, but not too matte that it dries my skin out, it lasts a while and gives a full coverage with one layer. My Beautyblender had ripped in half the week before I flew out on holiday so I had to buy one as it is now the only tool which I use to apply my foundation. The Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Mother is a shade which I must of by passed on all of my previous trips to the stand. I swatched every single shade in the collection as I went into the store with an open mind, not sure what shade I was going to pick up. With one swatch I was sold, this is a 'dusty mauve pink' it is a bright medium pink with cooler undertones as like the rest of the collection dries to a matte finish.

In the Sephora concession, I was drawn into the Too Faced stand. I haven't heard too much about their Melted Lipstick collection, I swatched a few different colours on the back of my hand and the shade Chihuahua instantly stood out to me. It is a beautiful medium toned purple shade which is not too dark, I thought this would be perfect for Autumn. I was really intrigued by the formula and application, as the applicator is an angled velvety feeling tip and the formula is similar to a liquid lipstick as it has a liquid consistency but these are soft and smooth to apply and are non drying as they have more of a shine finish. I was happy to discover that they sell these in Debenhams, as I definitely want to pick up some more shades as I have been really impressed by this.

I didn't go overboard but as the prices as high, the value of the products in your shopping basket can add up very easily without you even noticing!

What should I pick up on my next Sephora visit?



Sunday 18 September 2016

Tips on saving/budgeting

I have just finished uni and whilst I was there I had to grow up quickly in terms of budgeting my finances. The year before I had taken a gap year and had never worked full time or earned a reasonable sum on money, so I went a little crazy spending. As soon as I started uni I realised things had to change, and I quickly started becoming aware of my finances.

My parents always say I am good with my money, and I think this is something to be proud of. They sometimes says I can be a little too tight with my money, but I don't see this as a problem. I actually see it as being responsible. I have learnt quite a few tips and tricks along the way, and I have definitely put them into place this summer between finishing uni and starting my new job.

A simple but effective one is making use of loyalty cards. I used to find them a pain to carry around, but I keep a little card case with loyalty cards in which I don't use too often. I keep the ones which I use on a frequent basis in one side of purse. I find the beauty cards from Boots and Superdrug are my most used, and for very little effort points are collected very easy. I also find the Boots app very useful as all your offers now get uploaded to your app so you can just show the offer on your phone, rather than carrying around promotion paper offers.

If you are at uni I suggest you get an NUS card. They are £12 per year which is excellent value for the amount of discount you get. You can 10% off almost of retail shops, 25% national express, 25% odeon tickets, 40% pizza express and so many more deals, the list is huge. I bought a 3 year one for £33 which saves you a little bit instead of buying them on a yearly basis. As I have mentioned I have just finished uni, but I have a sneaky tip. If you are still able to log into your university login page then you are still able to buy a new 3 year card. This is exactly what I did recently and now it is valid until September 2019.

I also think downloading apps to your phones and tablets can be extremely useful. Most bank companies now have mobile apps which you can use on the go. I am with the RBS and the app is a total lifesaver. It instantly updates your account when you spend so you know exactly how much you have and how much is due to go out. If you have two accounts with them like I do such as a savings account you can easily just transfer between them, which is instant and so convenient. If you need to add a member of family or friends to your account, in order to transfer between accounts you can add them via the mobile calculator and they are then added onto your app. They have security settings with an access code which is different to your pin code, and when you first set it up there are lots of security questions and verifications. If you are not sure about having an app on your phone, online banking is just as good, and works in exactly the same way.

Other apps which I find useful are ones such as o2 priority. My sister is obsessed with this app and wanders around the shops collecting all the freebies. Coffee shops always have free drinks, Boots has offers and WHSmiths always has something free to collect. My favourite is the Pizza Express £5 main course and me and mum use it on a weekly basis! I am sure other phone companies have similar apps and it is definitely worth having a look to see what offers they have available.

If specific downloaded apps and cards aren't your thing, then I have one tip for you to use the notes feature on your phone or in fact a good old notebook. At the start of the week I make a note of how much I have in my bank account (using the app!). If I am buying just one thing e.g. petrol I will write it in my notes there and then. If I have been on a big shopping spree, I collect my receipts and make a collective note of my spendings and write that down. It is not time consuming at all, and keeps you on track. If I have a refund or any other money due in my account I add a + so I know that is due in, and anything which is due out I add a -. A really simple strategy which keeps me on track. My mum does the exact same but writes it in her bank book which is a more traditional older way of doing it, but it is something she has always done and it works well for her. My point on this is choosing what works for you, and sticking to it and before you know it you will be a simple monthly routine.

If you have just got a loan or bursary into your account, then try and make a note of how much you're going to give yourself each month, and then each week. When your bills are due is something which people underestimate. I did have an overdraft at uni of £500, for me it was never my intention to use it but it was always there as a safety net if it was ever needed. Everyone's financial circumstances are different and it's all about doing what is right for you, but my main point is spending within your means. I used to see my wages from my jobs as my way of being able to socialise and buy myself things. I would never use my other money such as my loan and bursary for those occasions as I knew it was to pay for everything else which had to be paid for. I had some weeks where I had not much money and others where I felt good about my finances, it really is about balance and not blowing it or going overboard all at once.

Whilst I was at uni I was maybe a bit over the top with worry about my finances and budgeting, and I would let it worry me when really I didn't need to. I now have a job which I am due to start tomorrow and me and my friends cannot wait for our first payday. We can't really get used to the idea of having a large sum of money in our bank accounts and it being for us to spend on us. I am either going to be really tight and save, or going mad and spend it all in one weekend. If you see a huge haul at the end of October you know which way I chose! I am thinking of doing an updated one of these in a few months to see if I have any different tips with having a full time job rather than being a student.

Do you have other tips?



Wednesday 14 September 2016

Holiday Lookbook

I have never been one to do a lot of fashion on my blog, and if I have the pictures usually don't involve me being in them. Whilst on holiday in Majorca I decided I would take a few snaps of my favourite outfits and share them in a lookbook form. I am not a usual fashion blogger so this is new territory for me, you can probably tell I am not very photogenic and I stand in the same pose!

This white playsuit I have been loving this summer. I bought it right at the start of the season in Primark for just £13, which I thought was an absolute bargain. I like the detailing on this as personally if I was to see someone else wearing this I would not have thought it was from Primark. My white sandals which I wear throughout the post having been my go to shoes all summer and on my holidays. I like open toe sandals and the fact that these have an ankle strap to keep them securely on my feet. They have little diamond detailing on the sides of the shoes and these were also from Primark for £8. My pink tassel over the shoulder bag is from Urban Outfitters, and is perfect to add a pop of colour to any outfit.

This white skirt has been a staple in my summer wardrobe for the past few years. I bought it from Forever 21 and it was definitely under £10. Skater style skirts suit my body shape well as I have a small waist but I am much bigger around my thigh area. I bought this top in the sale from Dorothy Perkins just before I went away. My sister has this top in a different colour and it looks lovely on her. It was only £7 in the sale and the vibrant orange colour instantly caught my eye. The top has little pom poms round the neck and arms, which adds some cute detailing to it. The white bag was used a lot this summer as it went with so many outfits, I bought it at the start of the summer from Zara. It is really spacious, as it has three compartments and a front pocket.

I bought this floral playsuit to wear to my friend's hen do at the end of July. It is once again from Primark and costs £13. The S/S line from Primark this year has had some really lovely key pieces. Every time I have gone into a store they have always had new stock which have been really on trend for this season, with lots of floral prints and cute playsuits and jumpsuits. I think jumpsuits are soooo easy to wear, especially printed ones as they do all the talking and you just need a few simple accessories. As I am on 5ft sometimes jumpsuits can drown me in size in material and length, but this fits really well in my usual size.

I love this yellow laced skirt which I bought from River Island in the sale for £15 just before I went away on holiday. It fitted really well and I loved the vibrancy of the colour, and the detailing of the lace on the skirt. I put the skirt with this white cami which is also from River Island and is a staple piece in my wardrobe. I like the thin, light, loose material in comparison to a tight vest. I think these camis look a lot more dressy and can bring an outfit together really well. Before I went out I was deliberating whether to wear the top tucked in or not, but I finally decided to pull it out but I have worn it both ways.


Sunday 11 September 2016


Just looking at these photos makes me fall into an instant state of holiday blues as I look out of my window on the drizzling weather which is now permanent for the next 6 months. But I am going to sit here and try and reminisce whilst I write this post. So I jetted off to Majorca with my parents and sister for a nice, relaxing family holiday. We stayed in a family friend's apartment which was located in a secluded golf resort not to far from Port Adriano. It was really lovely as we shared our pool just with a few other residents, it was very peaceful and at ease as you didn't have to worry about not getting a sunbed or lots of noise. Port Adriano is as the name suggests a large port where lots of boats dock. This place has stunning views especially at night time. It has a real nice strip of bars and restaurants alongside the port front. We went to an amazing pizza restaurant called La Oca, where they sold every variation of pizza possible. It was one of the best pizzas which I have eaten in a long time, and the ambiance of the restaurant was chilled and relaxed with music. I really suggest if you do go on holiday within this area that you have a wander down to the port area, you won't be disappointed.

The town which we were nearest to was called Santa Ponsa. This is a vibrant town which attracts the tourists and locals during the day due to the large beach area with lots of cafes and souvenir shops. As we were staying on a golf resort we needed to get a taxi into Santa Ponsa. We went down into the town most nights as there is a vast variety of restaurants from all different cuisines. We were all impressed with the pricing of food within the restaurants. Wherever you go, you're always going to get your really expensive eateries, but there are also a large amount of places to eat which are much more affordable and the food was consistency good.

From where we was staying the nearest city was Palma. We have been to Majorca twice before and we always make sure we go into the city centre as it is a wonderful place to visit. Palma has a really large shopping area both high street and high end. As I have been before I knew there was a Sephora and I had my shopping list at the ready. I also bought some fashion pieces from Zara, Bershka and Pull and Bear as they always seem to be better in other areas of Europe. It is a really lovely place to walk around and there are lots of picturesque places. Not exactly a traditional spanish cuisine, but as a treat we went to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner which was really lovely. The transport system within Majorca is really great and there are frequent buses to all different parts of the island. Me and my sister also took a trip to Western Water World which is a water park in Magaluf, which is the next town along from Santa Ponsa. We had a great day and despite it being the school holidays the queue lengths were not to long. It is a great place to visit and I always love going to waterparks as it is one of those things you attach with being on your holidays!

We were lucky enough to go away for 18 days meaning we really did have time to take everything in, and just fully relax and take some time away from the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives. I have been back a week now and it already feels like so long ago, and I am already craving some summer sun.


Wednesday 7 September 2016

The Monthly Round Up for August

After getting back from Tenerife on the 1st August which you can read all about here. I had 12 days before I flew out to Majorca on a family holiday. Within those 12 days I had endless amounts of paperwork to sort out for my new job which I start at the end of September. I also spent time catching up friends who I hadn't seen for months as I was living away at uni, which was really lovely.

I really treasured having some time off and not having a lot of plans, as I haven't had that in months. After enjoying the relaxing time off, it was time to pack and jet off to Majorca. The whole family was excited as it has been a very busy few months for all of the family, and some much needed relaxation time was definitely in order. We stayed in a golf resort near Port Adriano, which was lovely as it was very secluded and the apartment was a family friends so it was more relaxed than staying in a hotel. The apartment was a 15 minute walk to Port Adriano which is an amazing port for harbouring boats which has a variety of high end restaurants and bars. If you are staying in this part of Majorca I very much suggest that you take a visit as the views are sensational. Also, not too far from where we were staying was the bustling town of Santa Ponsa. During the day, the beach is a hit with all the holidaymakers and locals, and there are some nice little cafes and souvenir shops. At night we would go back into the town where there is a wide variety of restaurants of all different cuisines, which was great as we went for 17 nights so it was amazing to have such a large selection of foods on offer. If you like your nightlife there is a square at the very top of the town where the area is more busy and there is a large amount of bars and clubs. During our stay we took two trips into Palma which is the nearest city from where we were staying. There are lots and lots of shops both low and high end, and there is definitely something for everyone (including a Sephora!).

We flew home on the 1st September and as you can tell I have had a fabulous August. I have a more in depth post coming on Sunday all about my time in Majorca.

What have you been up to in August?


Sunday 4 September 2016

August Favourites

For the majority of August I have been lucky enough to have been on holiday. I think when you are travelling you really discover favourites as you are using the same products again and again.

Just before I flew away I bought a travel size version of Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray as my large version just ran out before I went away. I previously have used the oil slick version as my skin used to be much oiler than it is now. I thought because my skin now has drier patches I would try the all round version. I am happy to report I like this just as much as the other version, if I am honest I didn't notice too much difference in the spray actually doing anything different in comparison or settling in another way. I spray a first layer of this after I have finished my base makeup, and then respray once my entire makeup has been completed. I think it does help to get everything locked in and stops patches occurring which is exactly what you want in 30 degree heat.

I just cannot get enough of Kat Von D's liquid lipsticks. If you are a frequent reader of my blog you will know how much I love these. I wore either Lolita II or Lovesick pretty much on rotation for my entire holiday. Everytime I wore these I would do the longevity test and I was always impressed. I have never ever had any of my lipstick transfer onto my drinking glass, when eating I occasionally got a little bit of wearing and slight fading if my food had contained a lot of oils, but that is life and it's always going to happen. Whilst on holiday I picked up the shade Mother which is a beautiful rosy pink shade and I have been loving it, keep your eyes peeled as a Sephora haul is on it's way. As soon as KVD hits the UK I am going to go crazy as I have my eye on lots more shades!

Whilst on holiday the previous person had left The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins in our apartment. I bought it for my dad for father's day and he really enjoyed it, but it didn't seem to be a book I would naturally gravitate to when reading the blurb. However, I had seen so many people talking about, I thought I would take the plunge and read it myself. I read this in 2 days as I was totally engrossed in it, the characters are intriguing, there are constantly unanswered questions, and twists and turns evolve with every turn of a page. It is totally gripping and I do recommend that you read it even if you are into chick flicks and girly type books as this is something which will delve you into a new genre of books.

The sunglasses which are from New Look have definitely got their wear and moneys worth this summer. I have been wearing them throughout the summer months at home and on my holidays. I really like the outer edging of the glasses being gold as it adds some colour in comparison to the black, and were a real bargain for just £7.99.

What have been your favourites this month?


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