Monday 24 October 2016

Workday Makeup Essentials

Since starting my job and the early starts have started, I have quickly got into a routine of the makeup which I apply. I want to look fresh and natural, but most importantly to last for my entire 12 hour shift without budging.

I love my self built Makeup Geek Shadows palette, the shadows have great pigmentation and as I have put together the palette myself they are all shades which I want to wear. The shades which I gravitate to on a morning are Beaches and Cream, Country Girl and Homecoming. However, sometimes I like to add some of the little deeper shades such as Cocoa Bear and Frappe to add a smokey aspect but nothing too dark or over the top. I never apply eyeliner during the day as I simply don't have the time to make it perfect! Therefore, I finish by adding a few layers of my Maybelline Push Up Drama Mascara to my lashes.

For my base I like to mix the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation with the Kat Von D Lock It Foundation. The Charlotte Tilbury foundation is a medium coverage with a semi matte finish, I really enjoy using it but I find it does not wear for a full day. I find when I mix one pump of the Kat Von D foundation which is a full coverage matte finish with the other foundation that it overall lasts longer throughout the day on my skin. I like both of these foundations and I do wear them on their own if I am not needing the finish to wear for a full day. I have been using the MAC Skinfinish Powder since my teen years and I still love it. The powder sets everything in place beautifully and leaves my skin feeling silky soft. I never reach for any of the blushes exact the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes as they are on another level. I adore all three of these shades and I simply choose whichever one I fancy each morning.

I always make sure that I leave a little bit of time to make sure I can apply my MAC Eyebrow Pencil as I like them to be as good as they can be as they frame my face. I also just like to do them as I think they finish off a simple make look. I don't usually wear anything on my lips, but if I do it will be whatever lipstick or gloss is in the bottom of my handbag on that day.

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