Monday 10 February 2014

Emma Hardie Hamper

I have been wanting to try some of Emma Hardie's skin collection for a while now but its always been so expensive, I have never brought myself to actually purchase any of her skincare. I was doing my weekly browsing of Space:NK when I came across a fabulous discovery on the 'New' page of the website. Something which I could describe as being a bit of a bargain if I am being honest and something you will want to get your hands on by the time you have finished reading this post on this bright, early Monday morning. I am sure this will brighten your day in an instant and you will be reaching for you purse and running to your nearest computer or store to buy this beauty by the time Monday afternoon arrives.

The discovery -The Emma Hardie Face and Body Hamper
This hamper is described to have 'all you need for a healthy happy skin'.

The hamper includes a variety of products from the line:
Morninga Cleansing Balm
Age Support Face Cream
Rejuvenating Night Cream
Luxurious Body Cleanser
Intense Body Lotion
Hydra Body Oil
Body Buffing Cloth
White EH cosmetic travel bag

Now one thing which I have been wanting to try forever is the Morninga Cleansing Balm. It is so well known on the beauty circuit for its wonders and amazing effects it has on the skin. For a 100ml version it is £34, which I think is very expensive for a balm but I always think you pay for quality. This hamper just seems like an ideal way for me to try a variety of products from the skincare line. I had a look around the Emma Hardie page of the site and all the other products in the hamper look just as nice, I like that you get a mix of face and body products. I have never actually used a body oil before and I was intrigued to try see the breakdown of the product, which all in all just looks amazing! I also like the ideal that they have included a cleansing balm, a day and a night cream so you can use all three in combination to hopefully make lovely healthy, glowing skin.

I think for £30 it is excellent value for the amount of products you get they are all travel size but I like that as you can try all the different products out and see what works and what doesn't work for your skin type. For a weekend away you could fit all of your products in one bag and you would have everything you need and more with such little fuss.

Managed to convince you? Thought so! I am expecting this to be a sell out and it has only been released this week so if you want it - go get it! I just wish it was payday tomorrow and not 3 weeks away, it may have to be a cheeky mid month purchase. You have to spoil yourself once in a while don't you?

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