Friday 21 March 2014

Fashion Friday's:The Little Black Bag

Today on Fashion Friday's the post is all about my have to have going out bag.
I adore this little black bag which is a staple in anyone's accessories collection. I bought it from H&M a few months ago for £14.99, which I thought was great value for money. I absolutely love the fact that one half of the bag features a panel of black faux fur. I love the idea of clutch bags but on a night out I hate having to hold a bag in one hand, and I always worry I will just put it down somewhere after a few drinks. This is why another great part of the bag, is that it comes with a gold twisted chain which is quite thick and you can just through it over your shoulder. It is just so, so convenient. When I bought the bag I was worried that it would not big enough for all of my essential needs for my night out. I think compared to other girls I carry quite a clutter free bag when I go out, and I feel it is always full of all of my friends bits and bobs. However it is a perfect size to fit all the necessity's in without being too small or too big. As you can see from the photo it has been very loved and used often. I featured a post a few weeks ago where you can see the contents of my going out handbag if you missed it click here. As you may already know I am currently on a spending ban which means I am really having to utilise my wardrobe as much as I can. This bag goes with absolutely everything as it is black, but the fur panel adds an element of dressiness to an outfit. As I said earlier I did buy it a few months ago so I do not think it is still available, although H&M often come out with a must have small black bag every season. If you fancy having a look around the handbag page from H&M click here.

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