Wednesday 15 June 2016

A Beauty Bay Haul - Makeup Geek & Morphe

Last weekend Beauty Bay had a half price on all Makeup Geek eyeshadows meaning they were just £2.50 each. It was one of those moments like always, where the internet can't quite cope and there was a little bit of mayhem and Twitter uproar. The website wasn't quite keeping up to date with refreshing stock and it all got a bit crazy. I managed to finally add five shades to my basket and I also picked up the Morphe E10 Concealer Brush as I had been wanting to try something from Morphe for ages.

The shades which I picked up were Secret Garden, Envy, Peach Smoothie, Tiki Hut and Rebel. I am really happy with all the shades which I picked up, as they add added some variation to my existing palette. I picked up Peach Smoothie and Tiki Hut as more everyday shades which I can use to blend and as transition shades. I had been wanting to pick up Peach Smoothie for ages as I heard so many people saying that it is a must have within anyone's collection. Rebel looks sensational in real life, it is a lilac iridescent pearl shade which will look beautiful over the summer. Secret Garden is the first duo chrome eyeshadow which I have ever purchased. It is a gorgeous shimmer teal with lighter green shimmer tones running through it. These are more intense than the normal shades as they have instant shine and shimmer, the duo chrome effect and the highly packed pigment. This will look amazing on a night out and I am hoping this matches my pale blue eyes perfectly. I also bought Envy to compliment Secret Garden as it is a darker green shade. The plan is to blend them together to make a beautiful night out smokey eye. I cannot wait to try all of these out properly and put them to the test. I love my Makeup Geek eyeshadows which I already own as they have a really soft texture and have great pigmentation. They have such a wide range of shades, mattes and shimmers in their collection and they are great value for £4.95.

I may or may not have made a second order .. so be prepared for an  part 2.

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