Friday 16 January 2015

Sephora Haul


 This post has been a very long time coming but here it is. When I visited my first ever Sephora in Italy last year I felt completely overwhelmed by the amount of stock that was available. The store I was visited was no way a flagship store, but it had more than enough for my first ever visit. I think my mind went into overdrive and I grabbed a basket and was running around like they were giving stock away.

2.  Nail lacquer 5 day shine (not online)

As you can see everything I bought was from the Sephora Collection itself as I really wanted to try own brand out. I was so happy with everything I bought and could easily have bought double, the total amount for everything was just over 100 euros. This probably seems a lot but I had saved for this trip and considering I got 13 items I think its pretty good going! You can now order on the main Sephora website and they ship to the UK which is great I think the shipping is £10 so buy in bulk!


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