Monday 3 February 2014

Boots Health & Beauty Magazine

Each month when the new boots health and beauty magazine comes out I usually pick up a copy when I take a trip to +Boots UK, as I like to find out about new products which are going to be released over the coming month.

This months especially intrigued me, and had a lot of interesting articles have really caught my eye. I usually just flick through it to see if anything pops out and catches me attention. But in this months it included a lot of pieces in the magazine which I fully read and I really enjoyed reading it this month.

There was an article and an advert which I found most interesting in this months issue, and I am going to do a further post on each of them later on this week. I love how the magazine comes with the coupons in the back which you can just rip out and use throughout the month in the stores. The magazine is free for advantage card holders which is great as a lot of shops produce flimsy magazines but this is an in depth magazine like something you would buy from the newsagents. The magazine includes reviews of products, new products coming out this month, celeb interviews, real life stories, promotions and makeup looks for this season. It gives great tricks and tips as to how to create certain looks and the products that they sell which you can use to achieve it.

So, next time your in Boots, I suggest you pick up this months magazine and have a look through as I am sure you will find something which you fancy reading whether it be an article or an advert.


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