Wednesday 20 July 2016

Bem Brasil

This was my third trip to Bem Brasil and I thought it was finally time to write a review. My dad calls this restaurant "a carnivores delight". The concept is very modern and it adds some excitement and variation to your visit. The basic idea is that you get a disc which on one side is red, and on the other is green. The waiters and waitresses bring round different types of meat on huge skewers. If you want the meat of choice you turn your disc green, if you don't fancy it you turn it red. If you do want the meat, you are provided with tongs on your table and the staff will cut the meat off the skewer and you use the tongs to collect it. It is very easy to understand once you have done it a few times. The meat selection is huge - chicken, beef, gammon, lamb, sausages, steak and more. The thing in which we love the most is that you do not just get beef, you have options of garlic or chilli beef adding variety to your plate. If you are a vegetarian they have two big bars of buffet style food. One containing additionals to your plate such as rice, chips, potatoes and hot vegetables. They also have a fish option on the cart. On the other bar they have a wide variety of salad options including cold pasta and potato salads. There is also a variety of breads, cold meats and cheeses available.

We usually go here on a special occasion as it isn't cheap. However, it is a great place to go and socialise with friends and family as you can eat and browse the bars at your ease and pace, and take the meat that you want as and when you want it. The staff are very polite and accommodating as me and my mum like our steak to be well done. They brought round some steak which was rare and we asked if there would be any well done on it's way. The waiter explained if you request they will cook the meat to your personal taste which is really exceptional service.

We went to the restaurant which is situated on Deansgate in Manchester as it is bigger and has more selection than the one in the Northern Quarter. They also have restaurants in Altrincham, Liverpool and Leeds. If you are looking for a hearty meal where you are guaranteed to leave feeling rather full and wanting to return again, this is your place!

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