Sunday 24 March 2019

Where we ate in Disneyland Paris

In my first post all about Disneyland Paris I mentioned that we opted for the full board option. We did this as when we booked there was a great upgrade offer, and we had been pre-warned about the price of food within the parks. We wanted to go knowing that we had everything paid for and all the money we took would be for spends and snacks.

When we arrived and checked onto our hotel we were given a magicpass. This card contained everything I needed for the trip. It had uploaded onto it our full standard board meal plan. My sister had been previously been and had the inside knowledge regarding using your meal plan at other restaurants not allocated to us. The lady at the desk said we could eat in any of the other restaurants not on the standard meal plan list still, however each meal has a worth of 30 euros. We found this great and made eating much more flexible as we could eat anywhere we wanted.

I also want to say that you are not set to eating at lunch and tea everyday. The day we went to Paris we didn't need lunch in Disney that day, so on the last day we had one meal left to use. We got eight meals each on our cards from our Wednesday to Sunday stay. It worked out perfect for us, you can basically use your allocated meals however and whenever you want within your stay.

When we first arrived it was just before lunch so we decided to quickly grab something as we had not pre-booked any of our meals. We stumbled across Hakuna Matata and went in for something to eat without having to wait a long time. In here I ate chicken goujons and fries which I think was 19 euros including a drink. If you do not use your full worth of 30 Euros it just cancels off you card, you can not carry any money over for future meal purchases. The portions in here were huge, me and sister could have easily of shared.

We were staying in the hotel Santa Fe within the Disney resort. When checking in the lady asked if we had pre-booked any meals which we replied with no. She advised us to do it as soon as possible as she said the restaurants especially in the evening run out of reservations. On the first evening we sat in the room and rang and tried to make as many reservations as we could for the duration of the holiday. La Cantina is the restaurant within our hotel, we booked a table there so after collecting our luggage we could stay on site. The food was lovely and it was a big tex mex style buffet. We had chicken fajitas, ribs, potatoes and lots of salad options. We were really impressed. Heads up, you can eat in any of the Disney hotels restaurants even if you are not staying in that particular hotel. I think this is great as all of the hotels have different themed restaurants so if you do not want to walk into the Disney village, you can just stroll to the next hotel along from you.

For breakfast everyday we ate in our hotel. It was very efficient service and we were happy with the wide range of food options available. They have everything you could want for breakfast with hot options as well as continental.

Agreibar was an Aladdin themed restaurant which was a buffet. We booked this for convenience and a buffet is always a great option if you do not want a massive lunch. In here we ate meat kebabs and vegetables. In all honesty I found the food a little limiting, but what I ate was lovely. Most of the buffets throughout Disneyland are priced at 34.99 euros. On the standard meal plan all of the 34.99 euros buffets are included on the list so you do not have to pay anything extra.

Booking to go to The Steakhouse was one of the best decisions we made. We wanted something a little fancier and we loved it here. It was definitely our favourite night time meal out of all the nights. When we booked we checked we could use the meal plan. We were told we were able to and we could eat/drink 30 euros worth. There is no denying the food is expensive in this restaurant. I ordered the chicken which has a peppercorn sauce with mash and it tasted really nice. The only thing I said was that a portion of vegetables would have been a finishing addition. Both of our meals were 29.99 euros each, so when the bill came we just had to pay 5 euros each for our soft drink.

When we went into Paris for the day we only needed an evening meal. This was the only meal we had not pre-booked so after the fireworks we decided to get into the queue for Annette's diner. The queue didn't look too long, but we soon regretted it. It must have taken at least 45 minutes for us to get a table. In all honesty I would have rather had gone back to our hotel and eaten in La Cantina again. I had a hot dog which was average and we waiting a very long time for food. I think we ate around 9pm.

We went into the Studios on the fourth day. We had booked in at De Star Studios which was a very pleasant surprise and if I was to go there again I would definitely book here. It was a buffet but it had a fantastic selection of food. There was noodles, pasta, meats, cheeses, I ate so much and went back for seconds. So yeah a big thumbs up from me.

That evening we went to the Buffalo Bills wild west show which you can read all about. I go into depth in the post as to what you get to eat within your package. It is a three course meal which is mexican themed. You get chilli and nachos, then chicken, sausage and potatoes and then an apple pie to finish off. I liked the food here and I think it's good value for money.

On the last day we needed to leave the park around 5ish to make it back to the airport on time. We went to Plaza Gardens as we had heard it was a must. In all honesty this was the worst place in terms of selection of food we had experienced during the entire holiday. We came back to the table with half empty plates. It does however have great desserts which we filled ourselves up on. A little tip is that Plaza Gardens does breakfast with the characters every morning.  It is right next to Main Street so we would see them walking around the restaurant.

Overall, we were impressed with the food. If I was to go again I would definitely make sure we had some kind of meal plan as otherwise we would need to definitely take a lot of money with us. I would say that it would easily be 50 euros each a day just on lunch and tea without even considering any of the top range restaurants. We didn't eat in the more expensive food outlets such as Planet Hollywood as it was a lot of money. We kept contemplating about booking Cafe Mickey as this is where you can meet and greet characters. However the meal plan was over 70 euros and it was very basic food and I did not think we would be getting our money's worth. It would have meant us putting 40 euros each to the bill, and we decided it was a big extra expense.

It is definitely just about doing a bit of research before you go and finding places you would like to eat at within your budget or meal plan. There is also a McDonalds in the Disney Village, but once again the prices are much higher than your average drive-thru. What I was impressed with was the amount of eateries available. Like I say, my top tip is if you are on any kind of meal plan to ring and book all your meals in advance in one go. It means you can organise it around your itinerary in case you have any special time allocated plans throughout the day.

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