Friday 21 July 2017

Topshop Stud Heels

Topshop has done it again. For my birthday I wanted to treat myself to some new shoes. I was not sure what type of shoe or style that I wanted. The only thing I did know is that I have been missing a pair of shoes that fall into the heel and sandal category. I wanted something without a huge heel, which I could wear day and night. I have been longing after a pair that fitted into the day time drinking category, or a meal out where you will be wearing them for hours and therefore being comfy is a must.

The shoes which fitted into everything which I wanted was the Morocco stud two-part sandal from Topshop. I am always scared to look on the bottom of Topshop shoes as the prices are either affordable or expensive. I feel like they are either £30 or £60 and more, there is never anything in the middle. Thankfully, the price tag of £32 put a beaming smile on my face. I always size up in Topshop heels as I think they come up quite small. I was wearing these the night I bought them for my birthday night out, so I did not have the breaking in option. I have to say I had zero problems with these, they were so comfy, and I always find the thickness of the heels helps with the comfort factor.

These were not the kind of shoe which I would be naturally be drawn to. I thought the studs were just enough and added the perfect detailing. I usually wear gold details on my heels, but it was nice to mix it up and buy silver for once. It has definitely added some variety to my shoe collection. Whilst finding the link for this post, I found out that they do these in baby pink and boy are they gorgeous. In the Topshop store which I bought the black version from, they had them in grey and they were also beautiful. Topshop has done a fabulous job with these, and I have got so many occasions coming up where I have thought they will be perfect for my outfit. I was also the bad blogger with this post, as I had to take my photos after the night out, I tried my best to keep them nice and looking new, but I don't think I succeeded!

Go grab yourself a pair!


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