Wednesday 11 January 2017

MAC Haul

We had been planning a trip to Cheshire Oaks which is a designer outlet mall not too far from us for ages now and we finally found a day which everyone could go and headed there. There is a store called The Cosmetic Company which features all the companies which Estée Lauder own including MAC. I never usually find much in the store which I like as for one it is always busy and basically I never find anything which I actually want. But this trip was very different!

I found the Veluxe Brow Liner in Omega which I wanted to buy last time I visited the MAC concession in Selfridges, but I am a creature of nature so decided to stick with what I know. However, coincidentally that morning we went shopping my current pencil ran out so I thought it was the perfect timing to try something new on my brows. I have also been wanting to try out the new Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour range, and I really liked the consistency when I switched it. I picked up the shade Too Matte With Love, which is actually a lot brighter when applied to the lips than what I originally thought. I wore it that afternoon and it was comfortable on the lips, but I did notice it clinged to the drier parts of my lips. I am going to test it out further and report back soon. I also picked up a single shadow in the shade Star Violet, which is one I have been wanting for myself forever. My sister has this shade and I always sneakily use it as it is a really beautiful. It is a purple toned shade which contains shimmer, it is not your usual purple as it has light undertone of gold which makes it look metallic when applied making it shine through as violet.

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