Tuesday 3 December 2013

Paying Delivery

Currently doing a bit of late shopping online Christmas shopping and I've come to discover how much I hate having to pay for delivery. The average price for shops is £3.99. If you paid that on every present you bought it would soon add up, its just a shame that some of the presents I want to buy this year you can only get online so I really don't have an option. I just think its so cheeky considering the amount that you are paying already and to send a piece of clothing in the post it definitely does not cost them £3.99 to post it. I think its should be part of the service so many people would be more inclined to shop online if everywhere just had it free, and especially with the amount of shopping which is done online it would for sure boost there profits!

Its just so frustrating when you want something really bad for someone but an extra £3.99 postage to wait 3-5 days for a pair of gloves I find it ludicrous. I think this is why online shops like ASOS are so successful as having free shipping and free returns you think to yourself oh well if it doesn't fit I can get a full refund whereas if you order it online and pay for delivery and it doesn't fit you've wasted paying for delivery and then some shops charge you to send it back to them. It for sure puts me off ordering something like a dress because you can't tell the type of fit by looking at the picture. Just on a little rant as for some people you may buy them 2-3 smaller presents from different places to make the presents really thoughtful but your still paying £3.99 on each that's a potential of an extra £12 on one person's present! That would surely add up, I think people don't realise how much it adds up to especially an occasion like Christmas. I have to admit shopping online is convenient and you can just find the present without having to barge past people in busy shopping centres, whilst trying to find exactly what you want and having to tramp round for hours and stand in queues waiting to pay.

Hope some of you feel the same as me about paying delivery and this post has let you express you anger!

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