Monday 6 January 2014

Drugstore January

Anybody else suffering from the January blues post Christmas? I definitely am and it is the worst especially when your wanting to start the new year on a high. Today is suppose to be the most depressing day of the year according to the Daily Mail because everyone is back to work.
However, for January I have set myself a mission to update my skincare routine. I have been reading many posts of beauty bloggers and watching youtube videos online and finding out their favourite picks. But, many seem to either buying or getting sent so many high end products, and January is the month of the year where you want to be saving as much as possible. For many of us January payday has to last an extra 2 weeks because of you getting your December payday early, which is excellent for buying last minute Christmas presents, but not for when your only at the start of January and longing for payday to hurry up. So I am only going to buy products from the drugstore throughout January and see how I get on. The only things which I am actually wanting to buy this month is a new cleanser and toner to really improve and step up my skincare routine on my mission for beautiful skin.
I am going to go to Boots today and see what I can find and the amount of variety that is available. I can then see if the cleansers and toners that they have on offer do the job that I am hoping for, or if I will have to go for something more pricey in order to get results.


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