Sunday 26 April 2015

Pretty Little Thing

I have been lusting after a Kate Spade phone case for a long while now, they're just so beautifully made with really lovely girly designs on them which is exactly what I wanted. I was holding off buying one as I was waiting to upgrade my phone. So when I recently did it was the perfect opportunity to pick up the case of my dreams!

After a lot of decision making and stressing the poor sales person out in Selfridges out I decided on the rose gold case with the words 'pretty little thing'. They are pricey at £35, but I think that it's something which is on display every single day of your life, and when you spend a lot of money on your phone I wanted a case which makes it look even more beautiful. I am also not a person who swaps my phone cases up regularly, probably only every year or so, so it will definitely be getting it's money's worth. The only downside is that the very bottom of the phone is not covered so I am going to have to be extra careful, as I hate it when I get little scratches on my phone ( I am very protective of it!). It's unfortunately not featured on the Selfridge's website, but there are many more fab designs available.

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