Monday 27 February 2017

The Roundup for February

February has been a month which involved a lot of socialising. I have been on a night out every weekend, and I have definitely felt the effects therefore I am attempting to do dry march. I have managed to keep up with my fitness routine, but not so much the healthy eating aspect. I feel as though all of my efforts in the gym have gone to waste, by eating rubbish and drinking too much alcohol. I want to test myself to see how much of a difference not drinking will make to my weight loss. That is not to say that I have not had a good month as I have, and I have enjoyed all of my social events.

One of the most enjoyable events was I went to Middlesbrough to see my best friends from university, and it was so much fun. I have never been to Middlesbrough before, and I always enjoy visiting new places. I was so nervous when I finished university that some of my friendships would drift apart but I have learnt that if you want a friendship to last it can without a lot of effort needed. 

If you read my recent post which I named room refurb, you will know that I am on a mission to officially declutter my bedroom once and for all. I am disappointed to report that since that post I have still not made any further progress. I did sort out all of my clothes and makeup as part one of the task, and a lot of it is still available in my blog sale. I have however now allocated specific days and times to tackle certain areas, and I think I may actually get it sorted once and for all as I am seriously done with living in such a mess. I am hoping that in next month's roundup I will be reporting that I have made huge progress and I am starting to live in a clutter-free zone. 

At work, I had a intensive life support course to attend which involved reading and learning a 90 page booklet. I was really nervous, but I am super happy that I attended the course as I learnt a lot and I am hopefully able to now put that knowledge into practice. I am slowly but surely building confidence in myself and my skills and I am happy to report I am still really enjoying work.

I have not got too many plans for March, and for once I am actually glad as February has been jam packed. I am looking forward to having free weekends and I want to become organised with my blog again as this month has been chaotic and I have been very last minute with preparing my posts.



Friday 24 February 2017

February Favourites

February usually flies by but I don't think it has particularly this year. Saying that I don't think that 2017 has so far. I have not had too many new favourite product this month as I have been very much sticking to what I know, and I have not bought too many new makeup items. 

At the start of the month I went into the Kiehl's store with the plan to buy their ultra facial face cream, as I have had so many bloggers recommending it to me. I went into the store and the sales assistant was extra helpful, and after a small discussion about my skin type she recommended trying the ultra facial oil-free gel cream. She explained that this is much less likely to clog my pores as it is oil free. She gave me a week's worth of samples and I went anyway and applied it every morning for a week. I loved it so much that I went and bought the 50ml size of the product a week later. This is a hydrating gel which is easy to apply and rubs in really nicely. It feels light and refreshing when first applied, and I find it instantly wakes up my skin. A massive thumbs up from me this month!

I have also been using my MAC mineralize skinfinish highlighter in beaming blush religiously this month. I have ditched all of my other highlighters and this has been my only go-to. I love that this is a pink shimmer based highlighter as I have found it adds more glow to my pale skin compared to a golden toned highlighter. This does not have big chunky pieces of glitter and the product applies evenly and easily, which is what I am always looking for in any highlighting product. 

I have been loving the Real Techniques blush brush this month. At first I thought this was going to be a bit too big for my cheeks as compared to my other blush blushes it is huge. However, the pointed finish is the perfect size for application of blusher. It is able to apply product equally as the bristles are different lengths but tapered into a point. It is also super soft on the skin, which makes application even nicer.

What have you been loving this month?


Wednesday 22 February 2017

Room refurb

I have been wanting to get my act together for ages, but my god I have no motivation. In day to day life I would say that I quite a motivated person. If I plan to do something in a day I write a little list and I want to get it done. For instance, with this blog I plan my time, photos, schedules well so that I don't feel too overwhelmed and that I organise my time well and effectively. However, I just cannot no matter how much I try to get myself to sort my god dam bedroom. I have been whittling on to everyone about my grand makeover and I can invisage it so well in my mind exactly how I want it down to all the decor even the smallest thing like photoframe positions. It is such a big task though and I am a messy, untidy person when it comes to my own room. When I moved back from uni I had managed to collate so much new stuff that in my own bedroom it has no home. I have picked out my new Ikea new dresser and Alex drawers for makeup storage. I just need to get rid of everything before I can buy them.

I have been reading the life changing magic of tidying and when I got to the clothes section, I woke up one morning and went in for the kill. I threw tonnes out and I am also selling lots of clothes and makeup in a blog sale which you can check out here. I have to say it felt fabulous, and if you have read the book I did totally get on board with the 'does this spark joy?' policy which is in place. Like always though I did not quite finished the job and now I just find myself staring at the pile which I still have left to sort. 

I want my room to be a place which I can go in, have space to move and it be a place which I enjoy to be as downtime. But right now I am constantly fighting the mess. The problem is simply I have far too much stuff to fit in one space. I am not planning on moving out right now and when I do move out I do not want all this crap following me. I just cannot bring myself to do this. As the book says you need to do each area as a big thorough sort so you don't have to do it again within the next year at least, and when you do do it is more of a minor sort as you have tackled it so well the first time there is no need for these huge clear outs. This is exactly what I need, to not have to dedicate all this time to throwing out, and being clutter free so I can keep on top of it. As you can probably tell I have it all planned, I know what I need to do by I just cannot bring myself to do it.. I thought that my end goal and planning how I want to it to every detail would be the boost which I needed, but it is yet to happen. 

I do think it is in some people's nature to be messy and untidy, I am not dirty I don't leave dirty plates and clothes everywhere as I think that is gross. I just own clutter and way too much of it. I have named this room refurb The Big Cleanse. I know I don't want to tackle it all it once, I need to do it when I have the time so I do it thoroughly as like I say I want to do this only once. I am a hoarder and there is no denying this, and I don't think people understand how hard some people struggle to be tidy. It is like a lot of things in life, you things your great at and some things you have to work at. However, I know you are able to change and work on those annoying habits which we have. Whilst attending uni, I have become massively more organised in my day to day life, having to organise my time effectively and also this has happened me in my job as I have to be on the ball and know what all of my patients need and at what time.

So here I am with everything in place all the plans, and I think I might just have motivated myself to go and tackle just one space in my room. I need to do it in categories e.g. the rest of the clothes. books, and then the top of the drawers, the boxes, cds, dvds and the floor. 

I am so determined to do this. I want to actually prove to my family that I can do this and I want to be invite my friends around and them to be like wow your room looks lovely, as now I would never ever bring my friends into my room at the moment as it's too embarrassing and I have to always laugh it off and warn them of the overwhelming size of mess. I feel like this is kinda taking over my life, as I think about it at least 3 times a day. I constantly think about how I want my room to look, I spend hours looking for decor as it is actually something which I really enjoy doing. I stare at people's instagrams and blog photos and think how good they look just by what they have in their home. I actually think it will be good for my mind to live a clutter free space which allows me to relax and unwind. 

I have decided I am going to allocate a day to an allocated space. If I say all day on Tuesday - I know it won't happen as I get bored after 2 hours and just end up keeping things I don't need and throwing those few things which I actually do need. I need to just tell myself right you can take 2 hours today to do those books, nothing to big or overwhelming or that I will dread. The book says you can allocate yourself six months if you feel necessary. For me this is a bit too much time, I think a month or two maximum. I know myself too well that a six months will turn into a year! 

I was thinking I might do a few updates here and there on my blog, to update you but also to give me a boost when I have done well and I am happy with the progress. Please leave any kind of tips and advice as to how you keep on top of your mess and if any of you have done a huge tidy. Here's to the big cleanse!!!


Friday 17 February 2017

Primark are nailing the trends

Last weekend I 'nipped' into the Primark in the Selfridges concession located at the Trafford Centre, and as always I did not come away empty handed. When the Primark was first put into Selfridges, there was a little controversy as it is obviously a lower end store with a different market to the high end brands which they sell. For me I love it, as it always has the creme de le creme pieces of the brand. It features all of their brand new stock which has just been brought out which they know are going to be bestsellers. It is a small concession which is slowly expanding as it is definitely doing well within the store as it is always so busy. It is set out nicely, not overcrowded and the staff are constantly tidy, unlike some Primark stores.

I was instantly stopped in my steps when I saw these nude Valentinos esque studded flats hanging on the display. To be honest I am surprised that they are allowed to bring these out as they are literally the exact same design. They have the same T-bar fastening, have pointed toes and have the same size and shaped studded detailed. However, these come with the added bonus of being £615 cheaper than the real version, as they are just £10. These also come in black and a brighter fuchsia pink. If you are interested they also come in the same styles and colours in the heeled version for £14.

The choker trend is huge at the moment and I am really into it. At the weekend I was shopping for a choker and was surprised at the prices in some other high street stores, some were £8-£10 which is a lot of money considering that some of them were very simple. Once again, Primark produces the goods and I picked up the big nude bow tie for £2, and the four variety pick for just £3. These types of fashion accessories for me personally are not worth investing a lot of money into, so I am super happy I managed to pick these up for such a great price. They had such a wide range of different chokers individually and in packs, it took me ages to decide what to pick.

All in all, Primark are definitely nailing the current trends in all shape and forms. This trip was a flying visit and I'll definitely be heading back to the store come payday to see what other gems I can find. If you are into the embroidery trend, they are all over that also! I would like to know if you enjoy reading this type of fashion haul, as I would love to do more. I definitely buy just as many clothing items as I do beauty!



Wednesday 15 February 2017

Couponing Queen

I laughed whilst writing the title to this post as recently I have started calling my sister the couponing queen. If you are a fan of Keeping up with the Kardashians and you have the episode where Kourtney turns into a coupon obsessive who goes to couponing club, this post is not quite that extreme so do not worry. However, there are some new ways in which you can save and very easily create cash and vouchers without a lot of time and effort.

My sister introduced me to two new apps Shopmium and Checkoutsmart. I am putting these in the same category are they work the same way. Basically, both of these sites have apps which you can download for free. They both offer services from supermarkets and shops, they each have offers. They offer either products for free or discounted offers e.g. £1 off or 50% off. I was not really into either of these apps very much until my sister came home from Tesco with £20 worth of food and drink completely free by just using both of these apps. She then explained to me how to use them both and I have to say it is super simple. You browse through the apps and look for things which you fancy e.g. last week they had crumpets for free on Shopmium you then buy them like you would with any product and then you must keep your receipt safe. Then when you get home you go on to the app scan the product and upload a picture of your receipt to the app and that is all. People who work for the app then check what you have uploaded has met the terms and conditions of the product and then the money is uploaded to your account - as simple as that. You then request the money either into your bank or paypal, and within a few days it will be there. Once you have done it a few times you will understand how simple it is to use. If you want to be nice you can refer your friends and get £3 credit to your account on shopmium, if you do download the app and want to nice if you add my code: AKUHCMMT I will get the credit, and you get a free lindt chocolate bar! I am not sponsored in anyway, shape or form, just if you fancy being kind.

Completing surveys is also another really simple way of earning vouchers. I have been signed up to Valued Opinions for about two years now and I have so far redeemed at £60 worth of vouchers, and I could of made so much more by now but I stopped doing surveys for months over the summer. It is really simple you fill out surveys via the app or online and if you meet the quota, you complete the survey and then it is then added to your account. When you have made £10.50 you can choose a voucher from a huge variety of different retailers including amazon, argos, dorothy perkins, topshop etc. and it is delivered to your home address for you to spend.

Panelbase works the same way as Valued Opinions in terms of it being a survey based service. It works in the same way that you are asked questionnaires and you earn a certain amount of money for each survey which you fully complete. However, you can choose either to receive it into your bank account via BACS or a gift voucher for your favourite retailer. I usually opt for the money option into my bank account.

Quidco is one which I am still getting to grips with it. My sister briefly showed me how to use it. Basically, when you are shopping online you use their site. You browse the offers which they have on offer which they state is over 4,500. You then use their links to visit retailers and then purchase as you normally would do. You then get cashback as you can withdraw all your cashback earnings to your bank or PayPal account. So on Topshop you get 5.25% cashback on whatever you buy, you just have to ensure you go through their site when you are buying as it records that you have used their links.

O2 priority as it says is only available to O2 customers, but what surprises me is the amount of the O2 customers who do not actually use this offer. I have the app on my phone and it is super easy to use. It has great offers which change regularly, the one which I use regularly is the any main course at Pizza Express for £5. They also have offers where you can get a free drink at certain supermarkets/ branded chains, you can get discount on certain websites which they give you a code for. Like I say some offers change regularly, which is great as you are always getting new offers to use. However, other offers like the Pizza Express one has been valid for the last 2 years which I have been with 02.

I hope this has been useful. If you have other ways of saving and being money savvy please let me know and share in the comments...



Sunday 12 February 2017

Single on Valentine's Day?

So it's Valentine's Day on Tuesday, and if you are heading out then check out my post which is a get ready with me. But, if you are like me and staying in because you are a single pringle I have put a little post together about what you could be doing. I definitely will not be feeling down in the dumps about being single but if you are you can definitely still have a great night in on your own and do not have to join the lonely hearts club.

For starters I would suggest spoiling yourself by ordering a pizza or your favourite takeaway. Why not grab a glass of bubbly on the side! It is time to relax by having a bath, pop on a face mask, doing your nails or just doing something which makes you feel fabulous. If you are wanting to watch something lovey dovey then grab your ultimate must loved up film and pop it on. If you are wanting something alternative as you can not stand to see one more cringey message or status on social media, then get an active film on where you can stare at some ridiculously good looking actors/actresses. Once your takeaway has been devoured, grab your favourite snack and munchies and have the best time on your own. I think we sometimes take for granted spending time to ourselves and relaxing our minds, and this is the perfect opportunity.

Here is to us singletons and still having a fabulous Valentine's day!



Friday 10 February 2017

Get Ready for Valentine's Day

Going out on Valentine's day with the one you love? A first date? or just with your girls friends? then I have put to get a get ready with me for Valentines day, whether you are celebrating it this weekend or on Tuesday.

My makeup picks are the Nars sheer glow foundation paired with my favourite Revlon colourstay concealer. These two are a great combination and are my go to for that flawless glowing base which I love. My ever-so-trusty MAC blush in melba and MUA highlighter in iridescent gold are also a fabulous duo and make me feel wonderful when they are paired together. This blush adds a perfect amount of luminosity and life to my cheeks, and the highlighter is the best which I have tried for adding the ultimate amount of glow and highlight and it is just £3! If you don't have this I suggest you add it to your collection as you will not be disappointed.

The MAC warm neutrals palette offers great variety of colour and shade range which is perfect depending on how you are spending your night. If you are having a more low key event you can add just some shimmer or if you are going all out you can create a more smokey and sultry eye look. Rather than painting your nails why not add some false nails to feel fabulous. The KISS acrylic nude french nails are a perfect choice as they look natural and are easy to apply. I would finish my entire look by adding MAC Fabby as it is my ultimate favourite nude to pull my overall look together.

What are your Valentine choices?


Monday 6 February 2017

HUGE blog sale

Welcome to my first ever blog sale!

A few rules before you start...

1. Please comment below with your paypal email address and item(s) that you wish to purchase. I will then send you an invoice. Please pay ASAP.

2. Everyone will be emailed first come first serve in the order of comments.

3. Postage costs will be £2 for one item. £2.80 for 2 or more (due to it being a small parcel).

4. All items are in excellent condition, some are new with tags all stated under each item.

5. I am unable to hold any items, due to this sale only being available for 2 weeks.

6. No returns or refunds accepted.

7. UK buyers only. International offers please email  me.

8. Items will be posted out the next day.

9. Any further questions please email me at:

New Look Dress size 6 £3.50

Love dress Size S/M £3.50

Pink ruffle skirt new with tags size S £3.50

Miss Selfridge skater skirt size 8 £3.50

ASOS petite aztec print cardigan size 8 £3

Oasis purple mid rise straight jeans new with tags size 8 £6

Topshop pants size 8 £5

Topshop leopard bodycon dress size 8 £3

Next top size 6 £3

Hollister top size S £5

Primark new with tags. Size 6 £3

Primark top new with tags. Size 6 £5

Gap Tee 13XL (6/8) £3  

Topshop crop tee size 8 £2

 Topshop sparkle skirt size 8 £5

 Gilly Hicks top size XS £4

Primark beaded top size 8 £4 

 Dorothy Perkins studded jumper size 6 £3

 Dorothy Perkins floral dress size 8 £3.50

Topshop yellow top size 8 £3.50

 Forever 21 blue jumper size S £3.50

Red or Dead top size 6 £2 

 Next pink beaded top new with tags. size 8 £6 

 Topshop tee & cake pink crop tee size 10 £3

 Superdry grey top size M £3

 New Look floral mesh top size 8 £2.50

 Ted Baker cream tee size 1 (8/10) £6

 Topshop peplum top size 6 £3

Hollister brand new with tags tee size S (8/10) £7

 Topshop skater skirt like new. size 8 £4

 Primark new with tags size 8 £3.50

 New Look red skater skirt. size 8 new with tags £4

Black topshop crop size 6 £1.50 

 River Island disco pants size 8 £4

River Island skirt size 8 £4

H&M cream tee size S £2.50 

 Matalan jumper size 8 £3

 Oasis top new with tags. size 8 £4

 Hollister crop grey jumper Size XS (6/8) £5

Next studded pink jumper size 6 £3 

 Miss Selfridge top never worn. Size 8 £1.50

 Ralph Lauren tee size M (8/10) £6

Primark crop top size 6 £1

Topshop burgundy jumper size 10 £3

 Topshop purple leggings new no tags. size 6 £1.50

Zara Dress size S worn once £6

Beauty items
For all nail varnishes and lip products the postage will be £2.80 due to the width of them they will not fit through the large letter slot, so will therefore have to be sent as a small parcel. For palettes, and eyeshadows postage will be £1.20 as it should be able to send as a large letter. I am not wanting to make any profit on postage, but at the same time do not want to make a loss. For any combined postage, but email me. Same rules apply to what is stated at the start of this post.

Offer - Any products for £1.50, buy any 3 for £4

Left to right: Essie chubby cheeks £2, Models own in Raspberry Crush (brand new) £1.50, Rimmel cocktails colour in Hawaiian Punch (brand new) £1.50, Body shop in Rosy Cheeks (brand new) £1.50, Lovely girl glitter £1

Left to right: Lola Butter in Bluebell (brand new) £1.50, Pretty Girl £1, Seventeen colour carnival in Light Blue Glitter £1.50, Seventeen mint choc chip £1, Maybelline dark blue £1.00, Collection parma violets £1

MAC Vibrant Grape (swatched £6), ELF brightening eye palette in Glam (brand new) £2, Vivo shadow in Dusty Pink £1.50 (brand new), Seventeen Shocking Pink and Socialite (the blue on far right) (both in packaging untouched) £1.50, Natural collection duo in Apple/Frost £1.50 (swatched)

Chilli Pepper shadow palette in Warm (brand new) £3, Elizabeth Arden shimmer powder in Nude Shimmer (only swatched) £4, Stila lip and cheek stain in Fuchsia (85% left) £4.

Seventeen palette (new - products untouched) £3

Kylie Cosmetic lipglosses authentic bought from her website. Exposure (left) So Cute (right) £10 each or £19 for both. Swatched and applied once.

MUA lipstick in Juicy (brand new) £1, ELF jumbo stick  in Sangna starters (brand new) £1, ELF lipstick in Seductive (brand new) £1

Elizabeth Arden lip palette (brand new) £3 (outer packaging slightly scratched), eyeshadow palette (brand new) £3

Elizabeth Arden palette cheek and blush palette (2 shades lightly swatched) £5  (outer packaging slightly scratched)

Clinique high impact mascara miniature in black (brand new) £1.00, Soap & Glory gloss stick in Technicoral (brand new) £2 and No7 moisturising balm in Caramel (brand new) £2

Happy buying!


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