Monday 27 February 2017

The Roundup for February

February has been a month which involved a lot of socialising. I have been on a night out every weekend, and I have definitely felt the effects therefore I am attempting to do dry march. I have managed to keep up with my fitness routine, but not so much the healthy eating aspect. I feel as though all of my efforts in the gym have gone to waste, by eating rubbish and drinking too much alcohol. I want to test myself to see how much of a difference not drinking will make to my weight loss. That is not to say that I have not had a good month as I have, and I have enjoyed all of my social events.

One of the most enjoyable events was I went to Middlesbrough to see my best friends from university, and it was so much fun. I have never been to Middlesbrough before, and I always enjoy visiting new places. I was so nervous when I finished university that some of my friendships would drift apart but I have learnt that if you want a friendship to last it can without a lot of effort needed. 

If you read my recent post which I named room refurb, you will know that I am on a mission to officially declutter my bedroom once and for all. I am disappointed to report that since that post I have still not made any further progress. I did sort out all of my clothes and makeup as part one of the task, and a lot of it is still available in my blog sale. I have however now allocated specific days and times to tackle certain areas, and I think I may actually get it sorted once and for all as I am seriously done with living in such a mess. I am hoping that in next month's roundup I will be reporting that I have made huge progress and I am starting to live in a clutter-free zone. 

At work, I had a intensive life support course to attend which involved reading and learning a 90 page booklet. I was really nervous, but I am super happy that I attended the course as I learnt a lot and I am hopefully able to now put that knowledge into practice. I am slowly but surely building confidence in myself and my skills and I am happy to report I am still really enjoying work.

I have not got too many plans for March, and for once I am actually glad as February has been jam packed. I am looking forward to having free weekends and I want to become organised with my blog again as this month has been chaotic and I have been very last minute with preparing my posts.



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