Sunday 18 March 2018

Hamburg Sephora Haul

When I went to Hamburg I may have slipped, tripped and accidentally fell into Sephora. At the moment I am on the look out for any type of hydrating products, and I bought quite a few things from Sephora's own collection. I purchased the almond foot mask, which I have tried before in the lavender scent and I loved it. This is the comforting and repair sock mask, which you wear as they are an actual pair of socks which contain moisturising properties. I also picked up the shea lip mask which protects and repairs, it looks amazing and I cannot wait to try to this. I am excited to try the purple clay mask, which can be used alone or to multi-task in combination with any of the other seven masks in this line. The purple clay masks purpose is to moisturising and smoothes. This was only about 6 euros and I was really impressed as you get 4 uses out it, it comes with a screw on lid so hopefully it will not go hard and should stay fresh for future uses.

I bought two more items from the Sephora collection, the first is the rose moisturising cream. I have never seen this before on previous visits to Sephora, and I was intrigued to try it out. The moisturising creams have a smooth and lightweight texture that quenches and brightens the skin. What drew me into buying this is how it says it hydrates and adds nourishment to the skin, but does not leave any oily or sticky residue. As I spent over a certain amount of money, the assistant gave me a free lotus sleeping mask. I did not realise until now that this was not a sample and they actually sell these on an individual basis. This sleeping mask line has a rich cream-gel texture, and aims to lock in water and reduce any signs of fatigue. I also picked up the Sephora brush cleaning sponge, which I love the idea of. There is nothing worse than the prospect of cleaning makeup brushes, it is a chore which I hate to do.

The detailing to the packaging of this new Sephora's own brand line is stunning. I started swatching the #lipstories line and the formula felt really creamy and the pigmentation was beautiful. I picked up the shade spring break (36) which has a satin finish. It is a everyday, wearable pink nude (nothing new!) and I instantly added it into my basket. At the till I was looking at all of the extra items which always draw me in. I saw this Lanolips lemonade lip treatment, and I quickly tried the tester and I loved it. It felt super soft to apply, so without a second thought I threw it in at the tills and I cannot wait to put this to the test.

I am really happy with everything which I picked up on this Sephora trip. For once, I think I actually did not go overboard and I will get good use out of all of these products. If there is any hits which I totally love, I will report back soon.

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