Friday 20 December 2013

Quick trip to Boots

I popped into Boots yesterday as I wanted to pick up a festive glittery nail polish. I headed straight to BarryM which is where I always head when anything involves nail polish, I found the perfect red glittery colour called Red Glitter (347) straight away and it was only £2.99! Such a bargain and there such good quality and have a good lasting power without chipping. I stopped by Rimmel on the way to the tills and was instantly attracted to the display. I had seen the new space dust nail polishes advertised quite a bit in magazine and on the made in Chelsea ad! And I picked up a beautiful purple/pink colour called Luna Love (004) which is just lovely and it was the last one on the shelf so I just had to have it! It was 3 for 2 on all Rimmel aswell so I just had to take advantage of the offer. So I picked up the purple shade of the scandleyes waterproof kohl eyeliners which has a really original name - Purple. It looks really nice but unfortunately there was no testers so I had to just go for it by looking at the product. I also needed a new stay matte powder which is just the best drugstore powder out there, my colour is Silky Beige (005) and it matches my skin like a dream. So I had my 3 products and it they were all 3.99 so I was getting one free - great! Then I realised on top of the 3 for 2 offer, there was another offer running alongside it. The deal was buy any Rimmel products on the 3 for 2 offer and they were also giving you a free red nail varnish as well called Double Decker Red. How very nice of them so I walked away with 5 products and only paying £10.97 for it all!

A good days work I say... 

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