Friday 30 January 2015

Zara Ballet Pumps

Zara is one of my favourite high street stores out there and I miss having one on my doorstep whilst I am at uni. So I took a little late night trip to the Trafford Centre store, I am totally over the the sales now and usually all that is left is the tat that no one wants. But Zara still had a decent selection of sale items left, where I stumbled across these little beauts. Me and my sister both instantly picked up a pair as they were just £5.99!!!

I adore the pastel blue colour which will be perfect going into the spring, it is an incredibly easy colour to wear and matches pretty much everything. The black tip at the toes and the little bow add a pretty detail and makes them a little more formal. This kind of ballet pump style shoe is one of my favourites come the warmer months, when I am ready to firmly place my thick winter boots in the back of my wardrobe. I think these shoes are really versatile as you can coordinate them with jeans, skirt/dress and tights as well as with trousers, meaning you can easily get your wear out out of them throughout the upcoming spring / summer season. Unfortunately there sold online but I am sure that if your quick you might be able to snap some up from your local store.



Tuesday 27 January 2015

Urban Outfitters Picks

Whilst shopping in Newcastle I took a visit to Urban Outfitters, I think it sells such fab things which other shops just do not come close to. I think the clothes are really stylish but I think you have to have confidence to wear some of their pieces. I am also a huge fan of their accessories department as their jewellery is so delicate and intricate. I picked up these three items which I just thought were so cute I could not leave them behind. They were in the sale at extremely excellent value and to top it off they had 25% off on top of the sales prices. The tray is cute and I could put all my favourite pieces on there and will look really lovely on my dressing table. The necklace is really interesting and I love how the shapes are all different colours so you can wear it with basically any items and it will match. The nail polish was just so sparkly and it has strands of actual gold glitter inside of it, it will great as a topcoat when your wanting to looking a little more fancy.

The my gems tray - £3.75
The three shape necklace - £3.75
The gold dust nail polish - £2.25


Sunday 25 January 2015

Starting my Scrapbook

I've always liked the idea of having a scrapbook but have just never got round to taking the plunge and actually starting one - like most things. But after watching Lily Pebbles YouTube video all about how much she loves scrapbooking and realistically how easy it can be once you get going. 
She used Project Life which you can buy from Hobbycraft, but when I went to the store and realised just how expensive it was I decided to just buy a Hobbycraft own version which worked out much, much cheaper. I also wanted a smaller scrapbook as I thought the larger ones could be a little overwhelming and very space consuming.

The design which I choose was the Vintage Large Floral Print 8x8 for just £6, and then I choose the design papers and more pages to fill the book with. I loved the idea of photo stickers to make things much easier and I bought the pretty silver outline stickers to put around the photos. Everything costs under £15 which I think is really good value. I am really looking forward to starting this little project of mine and slowly but shortly filling it with thoughtful memories, and I also think its going to be really fun and give me a little hobby to do.

I will do a future blog post letting you no how I get on with this, as I am really excited to get started! Do you have a scrapbook? if so please leave me with any advice or posts which you written or found useful.


Wednesday 21 January 2015

My Mama's Potato Hash


1 Onion
1 Potato
1 Carrot
1/2 Can of Corned Beef
2 x Oxo Cubes

This recipe will serve two people for a tea size portion, My mum simply doubles the recipe when shes feeding the four of us.

1. Fill the kettle with 250 mls of water. Pour the water in the pan and put on highest heat so it is boiling.
2. Chop all vegetables into small chunks and put into pan.
3. Crumble to 2 oxo cubes into the pan, and stir.
4. Reduce heat to just above simmering (3).
5. Remove corned beef from tin, and chop into chunks.
6. Once the veg has been simmering for approximately 10 mins, add corned beef.
7. Turn down to simmering (2)
8. Stir every 10 minutes, to ensure it does not stick to the pan.
9. I usually leave mine for at least one hour, usually and hour and a half. It will thicken on standing.
10. Get a giant dollop of beetroot chutney on the side, I love Mrs Darlington's it is simply the best and you are ready to serve!

Let my know if you try this recipe, I love it and my mum makes it on a weekly basis. It is incredibly simple but so yummy, and it is healthy and contains barely any calories.



Friday 16 January 2015

Sephora Haul


 This post has been a very long time coming but here it is. When I visited my first ever Sephora in Italy last year I felt completely overwhelmed by the amount of stock that was available. The store I was visited was no way a flagship store, but it had more than enough for my first ever visit. I think my mind went into overdrive and I grabbed a basket and was running around like they were giving stock away.

2.  Nail lacquer 5 day shine (not online)

As you can see everything I bought was from the Sephora Collection itself as I really wanted to try own brand out. I was so happy with everything I bought and could easily have bought double, the total amount for everything was just over 100 euros. This probably seems a lot but I had saved for this trip and considering I got 13 items I think its pretty good going! You can now order on the main Sephora website and they ship to the UK which is great I think the shipping is £10 so buy in bulk!



Friday 9 January 2015

Blogging Goals for 2015

The thought of 2015 was rather exciting to me at the latter end of 2014. The idea of a new year to me makes the possibilities of new goals much more achievement. I am excited at the thought of what my blog can do and the variation of the posts which I am hoping to post across this new year. In particular there is a few blogging goals which I have my focus on.

1. More variation within my content -  my blog is mainly beauty focused, but I also have a huge interest in fashion so I hoping to include fashion type posts within the content more frequently than in 2014. I have also started to explore lifestyle posts, and I like these as I like relating to these types of posts on other people's blogs. I would like to include them in the content as they can be lovely when readers relate to your posts. The difference in content will be bring more excitement and add variation to my blog.

2. Improve my photography - Since getting my new camera in the summer I have loved being able to explore the difference settings and images which can be produced. I find my backgrounds of my photos to be quite plain/boring/simple so I am definitely striving to try add some colour and patterns to my photos and brighten and lighten up my posts. I had no previous experience with photography at all before starting my blog, so every post is a stepping stone for me.

3.Organisation and planning -  I see all these bloggers who are so organised with there blog posts within days in advance, with the photos edited and the social media links set up. I am very much spontaneous and I blog when a spot of inspiration has happened for a post. One purchase which needs to be made is just a simple notebook, dedicated to the blog where I can be organised and have some kind of routine of when I am posting. I know this would make life instantly easier and a lot less stress free. I think I may need a little trip to stock up on new stationary (any excuse!),

4. Involved in the blogging world - Basically try and venture out of my little own world and into the big world of blogging. I see lots of people who have made friends and regularly take part in the chats and I think I would very much enjoy participating, but its a little daunting to start with to just pop up and join in but I would definitely like to.

What's you blogging goals for this year?



Monday 5 January 2015

New York Haul

My sister headed on a holiday of a lifetime not to long ago to New York. The first thing I did was reach for my notepad and started to jot down everything that I wanted. The list was so long so I narrowed it down to my three must haves.

Marc Jacobs Lolita Palette - My most lust after and most expensive item, this was talked about massively in 2014 I instantly loved the pigmentation of the colours. and the colour range couldn't be more perfect if they tried. I have used this so much over Christmas, you can create endless amounts of makeup looks from very subtle everyday to a smokey going out. I just love it and it is a definite must if you are heading overseas anytime soon.

Tarte Lights, Camera, Splashes Mascara - This has been a much talked about mascara, and I don't own many as I stick to what I know as a rule. Many beauty bloggers had picked this up and really recommended it so I thought I would. It is a really good day-to-day mascara I find the mascara brush picks up a lot of product so you definitely need to use it sparingly. It does what it says though and I do often reach for it on daily basis.

MAC Velvet Teddy - Seems a strange request, but with all the Kylie Jenner hype this is always sold out in the UK. It is a very natural nude matte that is perfect for all occasions. They are so much cheaper in America and I wish I had requested a few more!

Bloomingdale's Little Brown Cosmetic Case - A little addition from my sister for me to pop all of my new makeup bits into. This is such a handy size to fit into your handbag, and also if you off somewhere for the weekend I am able to fit my makeup in this to travel with.

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