Wednesday 25 October 2017

My Jo Malone Cologne Collection

I have wanted to write this post for months and months now and I finally got around to it (horray!). I recieved my first Jo Malone perfume over 3 years ago now as a present, and ever since I have become obsessed with the brand. Since joining the blogging community 4 years ago, it is clear that bloggers love Jo Malone and it is all for the right reasons. I can hands down 100% say that Jo Malone is my favourite brand of perfume. I sometimes wear these fragrances to work, and I always feel a little bit more fancier. I often have people compliment me whenever I have just got to work, on how nice I smell which is always lovely. The best thing about these perfumes though is as they are all colognes, they all have fabulous longevity powers.

Nectarine blossom & honey was my first introduction to Jo Malone, my parents bought me this for my birthday a few years ago and it is such a beautiful scent. You will notice that there is a running theme throughout this post that I like fruity scents. I like something light and refreshing on the skin, and this is exactly what this fragrance is. It is the sweetest of the three perfumes, you can definitely pick up the sweet nectarine which adds the softness and all round fruity aspect to the scent. There are also notes of honey and blossoms which adds the smooth and knits everything together, along with the cassis which I had to do a little bit of research on. It is a type of blackberry which definitely adds a more intense juicy scent, but it keeps the fragrance from being too sweet with just the orange and honey tones. I have currently just received my second bottle of this for my birthday in July, so the original 30ml bottle lasted me a long time.

Blackberry & Bay is the one which I reach for the most; therefore I would say it is my overall favourite. This one is not as sweet as the first, and it is a perfume which I would wear on any occasion day or night. You can definitely straight away pick out the blackberry scent in this, which adds the slightly sharp tarty part to the perfume. I have always been able to smell a more woody aspect to this, and though this would be due to the bay leaves. However, this is actually down to the cedarwood within the notes of the scent. I think the bay leaves role is to blend everything together, and keep the fresh and light part to the cologne which is actually what I love. I hate anything too overpowering or too dark and musky and this is a perfect balance. I have also recently bought myself a second bottle of this, after I smashed my original bottle on holiday. Thankfully, there was only a tiny amount left in the bottle.

English Pear & Freesia is the latest addition to my collection; I had wanted to add a new fragrance from them to my collection for a while. However, I was really struggling to find one which I loved enough to spend my money on. I got this for Christmas last year, after spending some long at the Jo Malone counter with my mum trying to pick a scent. Everyone keeping trying to get me to try Pomegranate Noir, but it is just not to my liking. This is different to any fragrance which I have ever owned, as it does have some floral aspects to it. Jo Malone still puts this into their fruity collection due to the pear scent, which is a mallow but still quite juicy scent. It also contains freesia which is a type of flower, and patchouli which adds the woody notes to the cologne and also enhances the longevity of the fragrance. Out of all the fragrances, this is the one where I struggle to pick out each element as everything is blended together so well.

Heads up if you travel frequently or know someone who does, definitely check to see if there is a Jo Malone in your local airport. At Manchester Airport unfortunately only at terminal 2, they have a Jo Malone shop and I was seriously shocked at the discounted price of their products. The 30ml colognes are usually £45, whereas in the airport it cost me £35. This is a great saving and like I say the discount is tax free plus a little more and is across the whole of their line.

Which scent should I pick up next?


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