Wednesday 1 June 2016

Kylie Cosmetics Lip Glosses & Why I Won't Be Ordering Again

Love or hate the Kardashian/Jenner clan, their makeup is always on point and I was excited for the launch of the Kylie Jenner Cosmetics lip kits when they were first launched. I ordered my first lip kit in Posie K and I stand by that it is a good product and you can see the full review here, where I praised it. I still wear it regularly and do not regret buying it. However, since the first launch the company seems to have some serious customer service problems.

I am no way writing this post as I personal target, but I like to be honest with my readers. So after receiving the lip kit, I wanted more and then she announced she had a line of glosses. There's are a range of 3 glosses and I liked the look of them. I ordered 2 in the shades Literally and So Cute as I thought they were well priced at $15 and I couldn't wait to receive them. I bought these on the first product launch. When I receive them they looked like this ...

Not only had I had to pay a £13 customers charge, but also look at the state of the products. This was brought to my attention by Jeffree Star who had a little rant on snapchat regarding how bad the brushes to the glosses were. Unfortunately, mine were just as bad if not worse and you are literally unable to apply the product as they are so messy and product ends up everywhere. I was really angry as with shipping and customs these had cost me £45. She announced a week or two later that she had recognised the problem with the brushes on the glosses and was resending everyone new glosses / brushes. But this was literally down to Jeffree being a big name in the beauty community and she had to respond. I am not sure if she would have done anything if it had not been for him.

3 weeks later after I received my new glosses and I was so happy to see that the brushes were normal. However, on arrival to the post office I got another £13 custom charge. This annoyed me beyond anything as the products were faulty and they shouldn't have been sent out before they were probably tried and tested the first time. The brushes were thankfully better as they were shorter and resembled a brush when it came out of its tube.

So to the actual lipglosses, they are like nothing which I have ever tried or owned in my life. They have a super thick formula and you need precision when applying it otherwise it ends up everywhere. I was convinced to buy these due them looking great on Kylie, but if you have a fair skin tone and blonde hair like me these do not complement you very well. So Cute (top) literally just blended into my skin colouring, and is very much a true nude colour. This is the best out of the two as I think I could just about pull this off, but it is definitely not going to be a go to or must have. Literally (bottom) is much darker than I expected as looks like mud on my lips when I first applied it. As the formula is so thick it is hard apply without it being streaky. If you apply a little and smudge it into your lips with your finger these work much better. The main reason I don't like this is due to the colours, but would definitely not jump to buy anymore as the formulas is way too thick as a gloss. I would really struggle to wear this over a lipstick as the pigmentation and thickness would completely wash the lipstick colour out.

The business has literally taken off with a boom - good on her girl! No one can take that any from her, and she differently knows her market. But I can't help but think that the products that are now being released have been somehow rushed with little thought to the detailing of the products. Unlike the lip kits which were in the process of making for months. Like I say I am a huge Kylie fan but I think I am going to save my ordering from the company for a while now. This saddens me as I wanted to pick up the candy K lip kit and one for my best friend for her birthday. After reading Salt and Chic's recent post where her box came empty, I don't think it is a risk worth taking. 


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