Friday 22 November 2013

Dragging myself away from MAC... Not for long

I no, I no I said I wasn't going to buy any more MAC products as I was trying to spread my horizon. However, after doing my lipstick collection post I really realised that I am lacking another daytime lipstick to go alongside Syrup. As you head down the escalator in Selfridges MAC is slap bang right in front of you.

My sister is a fan so she dragged me in and I did my normal routine of swatching and came across to colours - Brave and A cup of coffee. I could not decide which one and by the end I was so indecisive, I asked the sales assistant  and they said Brave would suit my complexion the best and it was lighter so was more of a daytime colour. It was a creme sheen which means it was £15. Although, I know I will wear it a lot and I am happy I went for this in the end.

 I am very happy with my purchase and have been wearing it everyday since I bought it, so I could review it before I did this post. It's creamy as the name suggests and leaves a nice smooth feeling on the lips. I felt like the product lasted a while on the lips although I did top it up throughout out the day, but I do this with any lipstick whether it be £2 or £25.

I hope on the swatch you are to see the colour, its a nice dark nude with a slightly pinky tone added to it. I think its beautiful for the upcoming season and looks great as a statement lip. I will be able to wear it everyday and also to darken an outfit if I am heading out at night.

Hope you understand just why I was unable to drag myself away this time... next time I must be stronger!

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