Friday 9 January 2015

Blogging Goals for 2015

The thought of 2015 was rather exciting to me at the latter end of 2014. The idea of a new year to me makes the possibilities of new goals much more achievement. I am excited at the thought of what my blog can do and the variation of the posts which I am hoping to post across this new year. In particular there is a few blogging goals which I have my focus on.

1. More variation within my content -  my blog is mainly beauty focused, but I also have a huge interest in fashion so I hoping to include fashion type posts within the content more frequently than in 2014. I have also started to explore lifestyle posts, and I like these as I like relating to these types of posts on other people's blogs. I would like to include them in the content as they can be lovely when readers relate to your posts. The difference in content will be bring more excitement and add variation to my blog.

2. Improve my photography - Since getting my new camera in the summer I have loved being able to explore the difference settings and images which can be produced. I find my backgrounds of my photos to be quite plain/boring/simple so I am definitely striving to try add some colour and patterns to my photos and brighten and lighten up my posts. I had no previous experience with photography at all before starting my blog, so every post is a stepping stone for me.

3.Organisation and planning -  I see all these bloggers who are so organised with there blog posts within days in advance, with the photos edited and the social media links set up. I am very much spontaneous and I blog when a spot of inspiration has happened for a post. One purchase which needs to be made is just a simple notebook, dedicated to the blog where I can be organised and have some kind of routine of when I am posting. I know this would make life instantly easier and a lot less stress free. I think I may need a little trip to stock up on new stationary (any excuse!),

4. Involved in the blogging world - Basically try and venture out of my little own world and into the big world of blogging. I see lots of people who have made friends and regularly take part in the chats and I think I would very much enjoy participating, but its a little daunting to start with to just pop up and join in but I would definitely like to.

What's you blogging goals for this year?


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