Wednesday 5 February 2014

January Favourites

Where has January gone?! How has it been 31 days already of the new year. It is crazy, how fast time really flies!

However, in January I decided to embrace drugstore shopping to save the cash post Christmas and I discovered a few little gems and rediscovered some old favourites. I also did a cheeky drugstore spree if you missed it here is the link: Drugstore Haul

From my little spree, I have been absolutely loving Rimmels Match Perfection Foundation, I have this in the colour True Ivory and I have bought this in the past and I am not sure why it has taken me so long to repurchase. It gives really great coverage and has a good last power on the skin.

I  have been loving the Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer, it gives a real radiance to the skin when I apply it down my nose and under my eyes. I am really impressed with this product and it has been embraced into my daily routine.

The Naked 3 palette form Urban Decay has once again made it in to a favourites post, I like to use to create nice, natural daily looks. My current favourite colours from the palette include Burnout, Buzz and Mugshot. I also have been really enjoying the brush which comes with this palette, usually the brushes that come with palettes are a bit flimsy and don't apply product very well. But, I have been using this when applying the shadows and it has been great. I have been using the thicker end to apply shadows all over the lid and the smaller end to blend a darker shade through the crease and to the outer section of my eyelid.

I have had awful chap lips throughout this month with all this horrid weather we have been having here in the UK. I always use the same little routine to help them rehydrate. I do this by using the Blistex Relief Cream alongside the Blistex Medplus. These work wonders together and it has really helped to rehydrate my lips. Once my lips are half way back to recovery, I then use the Bioderma Mosturising Stick as it is really nourishing and soft.

I have rediscovered a firm favourite from last year from the depths of my lipstick collection, one being the Rimmel Apocalips in Nova. It is just a beautifully pigmented product which when applied to the lips stands out and has a really lovely texture. It feels soft and smooth, and most importantly looks instantly bright and colourful when applied to the lips. I just love, love, love this and I am not sure why I only own two of these Apocalips as there just wonderful and so cheap at just £6.99!

My Tanya Burr lip glosses are on there way which I am excited to try out throughout next month!
All in all January, has been a great month for beauty pieces and purchases and I can't wait to see what the beauty world brings throughout February.

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