Saturday 1 March 2014

Selfridge's Haul

I may have taken a cheeky trip to Selfridge's when I was back in Manchester this week. I had ordered two products from the click and collect service, and I also picked up two other products which have been at the top of my wish list for a while.

To start of the bits which I had pre-ordered online-  the Rihanna Viva Glam Lipstick and EOS Lipbalm. I have been dying to try the Rihanna Viva Glam Lipstick for ages. She has been the face of a previous MAC lipstick, but it has always sold out by the time I have managed to make a trip to the shops. However, this time I was determined not to miss out so I pre-ordered it online knowing that I would be going home and taking a visit to Selfridges. It is part of the Viva Glam range, which MAC brings out each season and all the profits go directly to charity to help fight AIDs/HIV. So, not only is it for a great cause it is also a great product to have. Rihanna is known for wearing iconic red lips, so it was only natural for the lipstick to be a red shade. I was so excited when I picked this up as I do not own any MAC red lipsticks so I was happy to finally have my hands on one. The lipstick and costs £15 and the collection also includes a matching tinted lip glass which costs £14.

The other beauty piece which I ordered online comes from EOS. EOS is an american company which has been released in Selfridges not to long ago. I have seen many bloggers talking about this lip balms, and how hydrating and good these little balms were. I had never seen them in store, so I thought as I was ordering the MAC lipstick I would order this as well, as I would have been annoyed if they did not have them in store. Funnily enough, when I got to the click and collect counter there was a big dish containing all the different flavours of these lip balms. They are just £5.99 which I think is excellent value, I am so happy to have my hands on this and cannot wait to try it out, as I do have chapped and dehydrated lips at the moment. I picked up Strawberry Sorbet as I love the scent of strawberries and the packaging was also bright pink!

Now, you can never go into Selfridge's without having to have a little look at whats on offer and recent releases. I think I am a shoppers dream, as I get drawn into all the displays. The click and collect desk is conveniently placed in the middle of the beauty hall, so you have to walk past all the stands to get back to the escalator. I had a little look in MAC and I have had on my wish list to buy a new blusher, as my current one is on its last legs and will soon be all used up. I have read on Lily Pebbles blog that Stereo Rose was being re released as part of the new Fantasy of Flowers Collection, and was due to go in store on the 6th March. The collection is split into two - a pink collection and a green collection. When I went over to MAC the Fantasy of Flowers display was already up and the products were avaliable to buy. The display looked so nice and I was instantly attracted, Stereo Rose was practically staring at me, in the pink side of the collection. I felt like that moment in Confessions of a Shopaholic when she sees the green scarf! I started swatching it and then the lovely sales asssistant said did I want to try it on, she popped a little bit along my cheeks and the colour looked perfectly matched to me. It was a little more peachy than I thought, but it gave me instantly a nice, natural glow. I was also intrigued by the other two blushes that are part of this collection they looked so nice when I swatched them also, but I finally went with Stereo Rose. It cost £22, I know it will last me a while and it is the perfect blush for spring. If you fancy getting your hands on it, I say go get it quick as the line is said to sell out.

Lastly, if you have been reading my posts you will know I have been lusting over the new Bobbi Brown Amnesia Rose Collection. I saw this lipstick and was also in awe. The packaging is so beautiful its a pinky/ purple colour and is all shiny and looks so expensive. Then I looked at the lipstick in Cosmic Lily which is a gorgeous pink colour and I just had to have it! I swatched it and the colour was so pigmented and being fair I knew it would look lovely with my complexion. So that was bought without even thinking twice about it, at £22 it is very expensive and it hurt me to put it on my debit card. But it was nearing payday, and I wouldn't be coming home again for a while.

That beauty hall is so god dam lethal, I had to literally get my friend to drag me out of the store, especially past the Nars stand. I got home and showed my mum everything and she surprising told me that as long as I use it, its a good buy, so I felt even better about my purchases. I have been dying to get this post up so I get unpackage everything and start using it!

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