Friday 15 April 2016


So whilst on holiday in Spain we took a day trip to Marbella as it is something where me and my mum have wanted to visit for a while. It certainly did not disappoint, it is a really beautiful place to visit.It seems to have become a holiday hotspot for people in their 20s, and seems to have excellent nightlife. I was excited to see what all the fuss was about. To get to Marbella we got on the local bus from Benalmadena, and arrived in a lovely port area which seemed to bustling with locals and tourists. The beach is beautiful and has a harbour of boats surrounding it which was stunning. The town was bigger than we thought, as it was quite busy in the town with lots of little shops, bars and restaurants. 

The scenery was simply stunning and around the town there were traditional spanish buildings and churches which were beautiful, and made me really appreciate their culture and traditions. There are lots of little side streets which have shops selling lots of unique and individual gifts. Marbella is easy to get to as it a well known tourist attraction across the Costa Del Sol and is not to far from the main town of Malaga. Me and my parents all said at the end of the day you could definitely go a holiday to Marbella itself and have a enough to see and do.

This is the second segment of my holidays series here on my blog this week, I also have posts on my trips to Benalmadena and Gibraltar (coming on Sunday).


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