Tuesday 25 March 2014

Revlon Lacquer and Matte Balms

Top to bottom: Unapologetic, Coquette & Vivacious

The Revlon Lip Balms have been a huge launch across the beauty industry worldwide. I picked three colours up from the new line a few weeks ago, and have been testing them out on a daily basis. There are two different types of the balms the Matte and the Lacquer. There has been many brands releasing their own versions of the Chubby Stick after Clinque first released them and they were a huge success in the beauty market. I picked up two from the lacquer range and one from the matte range, to test out how they compare to applying lipsticks. They have released ten colours in each range, which is a huge selection and means everyone is able to find a colour perfect for them and their skin tone.

Lacquer Balm - I picked up two different colours from the lacquer collection. I took me ages to decide which to go for and as usual I had a hand and armful of swatches! I finally decided to go for Coquette (110) and Vivacious (120). They have been advertised as being high shine and they definitely are, they are silky smooth to apply and they create a love burst of colour on the lips with just one application. I went for two of the most brightest shades from the line, but I am eager to pick up some of the more subtle colours from the range if they have as much pigmentation in them as the brighter colours.When applying these balms I do two layers as it just creates a more intense colour and the shine really reflects through well. They have a nice refreshing minty taste when applied to the lips which adds a little extra to the product.

Matte Balm - I picked up one balm from this side of the collection in the colour Unapologetic (210). I have never been a huge fan of the matte lips craze, as I like to apply lipgloss and have a shiny look to my lips. However, I am so happy I picked this up, it is absolutely divine. Surprisingly, it is my favourite from the three that I bought. The finish is beautiful, I find with the matte even more than the lacquer, that the colour is more pigmented and with just one swipe you have a full pop of colour to the lips. The texture is silky smooth and the taste is nice and has a subtle hint of shea and cocoa butter. Unapologetic is a stunning coral colour with a pink undertone and is perfect to bring vibrancy to a day to day makeup look. As we move from winter into spring and summer, I always feel a bit more daring with my lip colour choices and this is going to be a firm favourite throughout 2014.

All in all I absolutely adore these chubby lip crayon from Revlon, as soon as my spending spree is over I am heading to Boot's to pick up a few more from the range. I just love how quick and simple they are to apply, and with one application you have got an instant hit of colour to the lips. They are all easily buildable and you can create a more intense colour by applying another layer. You can wear them in the day and night and there is such a huge range within the collection, there is differently something for everyone. I bought these on a 3 for 2 offer in Boot's and there is currently a 3 for 2 offer on all Revlon products so I highly suggest you go and grab a few of these when you next nip on a shopping trip, if you have not already tried these little gems!


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