Tuesday 27 January 2015

Urban Outfitters Picks

Whilst shopping in Newcastle I took a visit to Urban Outfitters, I think it sells such fab things which other shops just do not come close to. I think the clothes are really stylish but I think you have to have confidence to wear some of their pieces. I am also a huge fan of their accessories department as their jewellery is so delicate and intricate. I picked up these three items which I just thought were so cute I could not leave them behind. They were in the sale at extremely excellent value and to top it off they had 25% off on top of the sales prices. The tray is cute and I could put all my favourite pieces on there and will look really lovely on my dressing table. The necklace is really interesting and I love how the shapes are all different colours so you can wear it with basically any items and it will match. The nail polish was just so sparkly and it has strands of actual gold glitter inside of it, it will great as a topcoat when your wanting to looking a little more fancy.

The my gems tray - £3.75
The three shape necklace - £3.75
The gold dust nail polish - £2.25

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