Wednesday 30 September 2015

Kiko Cosmetics Haul


Considering the brand is called Kiko Milano there was something extra special about visiting the store actually in Milan. The store was not in the centre of the city, but I stumbled across it by accident whilst seeks out somewhere to eat even more pizza! I have bought quite a few bits from the company on previous trips to Italy and I have been rather impressed with the quality of their products. I only had a few things on my list when I went to store, so I went in with a pretty open mind. As always I went a little crazy, as there was so much which I just could not leave on the shelves. There was a huge sale on, so the usual "it's only... Euros" seemed to leave my mouth quite frequently whilst waltzing around the store.

So to what actually made it to the tills...

The Creamy Long Lasting Eyeshadow Sticks were at the top of my must buy list, there has been so many comparisons of these to both the Bobbi Brown and By Terry versions which are at least 4x the cost, which were just €6.90. The shade Rosy Brown (05) instantly caught my attention, and fitted into my usual golden brown category which I always head for. Now I had an absolute disastrous time with this, I swatched it in the shop and then picked it up off the shelves. As it was in a box I did not check the individual item. When I got back to my hotel back in Tremezzo - Lake Como (approximately 2 hours away!), I realised that it had been used and there was barely any product left and it was smudged everywhere. I thought that I wouldn't be able to get another one, but I went into Como and was surprised to see that there was in fact a Kiko store and I managed to buy another one. But I was still angry at the fact that I had one which was unusable so when I went into Como again, I took it into the store and explained the story and the assistant just swapped it for me. Therefore I now have two Rosy Browns, but I can at least use them, and it's always good to have backups!

On the same display they had many of shades on sale at just 3.40. My first impressions of these are that they are very pigmented and long lasting, I had to seriously scrub my hand to get it off when swatching in the shop. I picked up the shades Golden Taupe (38) and Passion Fruit (21).  I am really excited to try these and will report back soon. I had been told about the cream eyeshadow pots, but on swatching I did not like the consistency, as they seemed quite thick and stodgy.

I am not a huge lip liner person really, I own two and I only wear them occasionally. However, when I saw these on the sale display for just €1.20 I had to try them out. I picked up two, in the shades Pearly Pink Peony (701) and Coral (702). I am hoping to be able to wear these under most lipsticks as they are versatile and not too bright or vibrant. The Lip Gloss Pencils look like a similar concept to the Maybelline Drama Lip Pencils which I really like. At just €3.90 I picked up just one from this line in the shade Deep Pink (06), it is a medium toned pink with sparkles which is just up my street. I convinced my mum to pick up one of these as she's always drawn to a good pink lipstick and she liked the concept once I had explained it to her about 5 times!

I saw the Deco Delight lipstick range on the Kiko website a while ago, and was so intrigued by the dots on the lipstick and basically just how pretty it looked. I had also seen these in lots of hauls and magazines, and really wanted to pick one up and I was most drawn to the shade Frison Rose (02). The whole Miami Beach Babe Range was on a 30% off promotion, which was great (heads up now 50% off on the Kiko website). From the same line I also picked up a two tone blush in the shade Doral (02) for €6.90 and the Click Slick Eyeliner in Black (06) for €4.90. The whole range looked fun and intriguing, and the products which I picked up were all quickly chosen, so hopefully I've bought some great pieces.

At the tills they had this beautiful highlighter in the shade Beam of Light (02) (unfortunately not online) which I instantly added to my bill. It is a beautiful iridescent highlighter with a slight pink tone to it which is seriously gorgeous, and at €5.00 it was a steal. 

I actually saw the Rebel Romantic Collection, but none of it actually took my fancy on first impressions. I might have to have a good look around on the website to see if there's anything I fancy with further insight.

All in all everything collectively cost just under €45 (£33) which is really great value for the amount in which I bought.

Have you tried any Kiko products recently? 


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