Friday 26 February 2016

MAC Mehr

So a few weekends ago I discovered that I had 6 products to take back to MAC which always excites me as it means a free lipstick is on the horizon. I spent my Friday night hunting the internet for a new shade, as I knew my dad would be more inclined to come with me if one - I explain the product is free, and two - I already knew what I wanted so I wouldn't have him bugging me to hurry up! I had heard so many people talk about Mehr so I went on a swatching hunt online and I really liked the look of this. I also liked the look of Craving and Twig, so I went with a few in mind which I highly recommend doing as you know exactly what you're heading for. I wanted an everyday shade along the lines of Please Me, Syrup and Patisserie, a shade which you can have in the bottom of your handbag and you know you can wear no matter what occasion. When I swatched Mehr in person in the store I was totally sold. It is a beautiful blue toned pink which has a matte finish. It is darker than my usual everyday shades, but I totally adore this. I have been trying more matte finishes out recently and this is a great shade to add to my collection.

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