Thursday 27 February 2014

Maybelline Nail Express Remover

On this bright, Thursday morning today's post is about a little treasure I recently discovered in Boot's. It featured in my January Drugstore post, and it is fast becoming a favourite of mine. It cost £4.99 and is from Maybelline, the product is their Express Remover. Basically, it is a much more convienent, faster and easy way to remove your nail varnish when your in a hurry. Inside the tub is a black sponge with a hole in the centre for you to place your nail into, you twist your finger round as the remover inside the sponge takes the varnish off. Simple as that! It takes a few twists on each nail and the varnish is quickly removed leaving behind no traces, its so quick for when you need to quickly need to change the colour of your nails. It is also really helpful for when you chip just one nail as you just put the nail in and within 10 seconds the chipped varnish is off and you can reapply instantly.

Before discovering this I was just a normal cotton pad and nail varnish remover girl, but what I used to hate about this is having to hold it on your nail, then sometimes bits of the cotton wool pad would get stuck to your nail and it was such a pain. Also, I used to find that around my nail bed it would be stained the colour of the varnish I had been wearing, and I would have to use lots of applications of remover to be erase it completely. Such a fuss and a pain! This just makes the whole process so much easier, and I am more inclined to change my varnish colour more often now, as it is just so much less time consuming. I think I am late to jump on this bandwaggon as I think quite a few beauty company's have released their own versions of these, but I think it is such an excellent product. All in all, I have been very happy with this from Maybelline and I think it should last me a while as it is quite a big tube, and for the price you just can not complain. 


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