Monday 29 December 2014

Kate Spade

A few months ago way before my sister headed to New York I casually showed my mum a sneaky picture of this bag and purse stating how beautiful I thought they both were. I had asked my sister for a new purse for Christmas and I was so excited when come Christmas morning I opened it and it was the exact purse I had wanted. My mum let me open all my presents and then told me there was an extra present behind the chair and within 5 seconds of ripping open the wrapping paper the bag was there in all its glory!

The style of the bag is the Cedar Street Maise, and the purse is the Cedar Street Stacy. They do not seem to sell the vivid pink in Selfridges or Seeing as they were bought in New York I think they were quite a bit cheaper than over here as within the UK the bag costs £245 and the purse is £80. The quality of them both is high, and I have simply fallen in love with the brand and have had them displayed as arm candy ever since Christmas day.

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