Friday 7 February 2014

Favourite Topshop Nail Varnish

I recently did a post on my sale shopping at Topshop and how I picked three new nail varnishes up in the sale. If you missed the post you can catch up here:

So today's post is about Topshop's nail varnish is beam:

It is an absolutely beautiful colour, if you could describe a nail varnish which would be perfect for me I think this would be it! Its pink which is no surprise but its got such a gorgeous shimmer running through it, it just twinkles against the light. I popped this on on Saturday night as a pre-night out nail painting ritual and it has not yet chipped - blooming marvelous. 

This has instantly made it in to my top five varnishes and has claimed a firm pride of place on my dresser. The colour really stands out on the nail and is just such a lovely pearly pink colour to take us into the spring season. It has shimmer running throughout the colour and its just a beautiful everyday colour.

If not want to grab this gorgeous colour then you need to make a quick dash down to your local Topshop as soon as possible as they are sale so will not be being restocked.

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