Wednesday 15 April 2015

MAC Fabby

MAC Fabby is a pink toned shade with a gold pearl shimmer running through it. I think if someone was to make a lipstick to describe me and my personality it would be just like this, as its pink and shimmery and the perfect medium between being not too pale and not too dark. It has fast become a go to lipstick as it is just so reliable, and it goes with everything. Usually when I go into Selfridges and visit the MAC counter I stand and stare and feel overwhelmed at all the shades, but this time I was instantly attracted to this colour. I have been really into lighter nude toned lipsticks for the daytime, as it adds an overall effortless look to a simple eye which is what I have been trying out in a variety of ways. Amongst all of my lipstick collection pink toned lipsticks are a firm favourite, but I own nothing like this which makes me very excited. It is a perfect spring time colour, as I always choose more pinker tones as we head into the sunnier months. It has a frost finish meaning that it has a high shine and a frosted shimmer running with it.


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