Friday 4 July 2014

July Glamour Magazine and Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner

I had to do this post with some urgency so you beauty lovers can rush out on my recommendation. Last week I picked up July's issue of Glamour magazine as I usually do, and I got a little bit excited with the freebie featured with it this month as it was a Eyeko eyeliner. There was a lot of excitement on YouTube recently, when Lisa Eldridge featured an Alexa Chung tutorial on her channel, it was no ordinary video though as it actually featured the Alexa Chung. Coincidentally, Alexa actually features as one of the cover girls on this month’s issue.  In the tutorial she uses some Eyeko products from the range which she created with them, the eyeliner she uses in the video is the Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner which you can get from Space: NK for £15. The eyeliner which comes with Glamour this month is the Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner; you can get the colours in either black or navy. This is actually currently out of stock on the Space: NK website.

I picked up the black, as that is naturally the colour which I would think I would get the most use out of. I have to say I have been absolutely loving this eyeliner, I always manage to get my eyeliner to something which I am pleasantly pleased with, but the flicks just seem to be too technical for me. This eyeliner makes it so much easier; the nib is very easy to control. It allows for precision and the colour is intense and pigmented which creates such a easy daily look. Since I have completely adored the black, I have been trying to pick it up in navy as well. Did I mention that the magazine costs just £2!! Yes £2!! Essie Button has been inspiring me to venture out on the eyeliner front recently, and she recently posted about her new favourite navy eyeliner, and I have to say it looked so lovely on her. In the summer I like to wear more vibrant looks and I think navy is somewhere to start.  Unfortunately, there seems to only be black left in the shops when I went to have a sneaky look today in a store, I am going to have to put my mum and sister on the case. I seriously suggest you whip up a copy of Glamour quickly as the August issue will be being released very soon and I would hate for everyone to miss out on this little gem.

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