Sunday 21 December 2014

Manchester Christmas Markets


Every year for the past few years, Manchester has put on their annual Christmas Markets which are set up from around mid November. They have become such an monumental celebration within the city, and they are a truly festive site. They are dotted around the streets of the city in lovely wooden cabins all decorated in festive decor, they go on for miles and miles. The markets feature all different types of stalls from crafts to decorations and most of all the greatest selection of food you will ever see. There are food stalls from Dutch mini pancakes to the famous German wursts. As well as lots of sweets, chocolate covered fruit and a wide selection of cheese stalls. A main feature are the beer halls located in the main section next to the town hall where the giant Santa is placed. The beer houses feature all different types of local beer from within Germany and there are seating areas and bars within the wooden cabins. If you prefer you can get a mulled wine and they come in festive mugs featuring the markets logo with the year, which you can pay to take away as a little memoir.

Today is actually the last day they are set up before the markets close and all of the workers head back home for Christmas. I suggest if you live in the city or in the surrounding area to get yourself down there today! A little tip is that we went as a family on the last day last year and they sell everything off for half price to get rid of the stock. It is a really lovely day out and I guarantee you will walk away in the most cheeriest, festive spirit.

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