Friday 22 July 2016

Charlotte Tilbury Makeover

I recently turned 22, and I decided to treat myself to a makeover at Charlotte Tilbury. I have previously had makeovers done at MAC and Nars, and had been impressed. This was a bit of a last minute decision and they were both fully booked. If you have never had a makeover done at a makeup counter previously, it works by you paying a certain amount at Charlotte Tilbury it costs £35. At the end of your makeover you then get to choose £35 worth of makeup of your choice to take home. 

I arrived at 5.55pm ready for my 6pm appointment, there was a little confusion with my booking but it was quickly resolved. I was then appointed a makeup artist who was going to complete my makeup. At Charlotte Tilbury it works by you choosing a makeup look which they have created, there is 8 to choose from and then you can adapt it to how you want to look. I choose the Golden Goddess, for the eyes and lips. I then explained that for my skin I wanted it to be glowy and dewy with a contour and highlight. Once we had decided on products she started to work her magic.

I was shocked to discover that she did not prep, prime or cleanse my skin. She went straight in with the Magic Foundation using the Foundation Brush to apply it. She applied a medium coverage, but she didn't ask me how I wanted it but it is clear to see I have blemishes and redness. She then said to add the glow aspect that I wanted she would apply the Light Wonder over the top. I had been wanting to try this for ages, and it is a very thin fluid which did add some life and luminosity to my face. She then added The Retoucher over my blemishes and also under my eyes. This felt light and was easy to apply to the skin. Next she moved on to my eyes and used the The Golden Goddess Palette. She asked me if I wanted it smokey and I said yes. I was surprised that she also did not prime my eyelids. The look in which she applied I myself would not describe as 'smokey'. It was a nice, light golden shimmer but I would have definitely applied more of the darkest shade to make the blend and smoke. She applied the shimmer pigment shade with her fingers, but I would have applied two layers. I know it's all down to personal preference, and I am sounding picky but my eyes definitely did not represent the look which I had chosen. She asked me if I wanted any eyeliner and I said I do use apply a thin layer on the top lash and I do usually do a flick. She used the Rock n Kohl Brown Barbella eyeliner pencil which was a soft pencil. When it can to the flicks she had trouble getting them equal and had to get another girl to come and assist. I am being critical but I felt that my eyeliner was not perfect. She applied the Full Fat Lashes mascara which I did like and my lashes looked full and it added lots of volume. My favourite part of the entire look was my contour, blush and highlight. I was really impressed with the Filmstar Bronze & Glow as it was the perfect shade of bronze for my complexion. The blush she used was the Cheek to Chic in Ecstasy which is a shimmery pink with a darker circle of pink in the centre, I really liked this once it was applied to my face. She then went back to the Bronze and Glow palette to use the highlighter and applied it generously, which is just how I like it. The look was completed by applying the K.I.S.S.I.N.G. lipstick in Stoned Rose and the Lip Lustre in Ibiza Nights. I really liked this combinations, and the lip lustre is super glossy and shimmery which looked really lovely.

I don't mean to be negative as she was lovely and the makeup was nice, but it is not my go to look and I felt as though my eyes for one definitely did not follow 'The Golden Goddess' look. My friends were being friendly but honest and they felt the same as me. My eyes did not look like they have been done by a professional makeup artist. I think I am really picky with my makeup and this is the reason why I don't think I will be having a makeover here again. The experience was lovely but I much prefered my makeup and look from Nars last year. I know that Charlotte Tilbury is known for being natural which is what sets it apart with it's flawless makeup range. but I think the looks which they have created should stay be able to be created whilst maintaining the brand's roots. At the end of the makeover I decided to choose the lipstick and lip lustre with the value of my money. I was in such a rush due to my own fault that I didn't even take a photo of my makeup. I think if I had loved I would have ensured that I had managed to get a selfie or two!

What is your opinion on beauty counter makeovers?


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