Sunday 26 January 2014

Soap and Glory - Review

Post Christmas I have been trying out my new products and two new Soap & Glory products are ready for a review. The Foam Call shower and body wash and the Butter Yourself body butter.

The Foam Call shower and body wash is made of the fruitigo fragrance which has scents of frozen yuzu, orange oil, green fig and jungle pomelo essense. All in all its smells is okay, but I have had other products from other brands which have had nicer scents. Although, I am a real fan of the formula you rub a handful on to damp skin, and then massage until it lathers up and then you just rinse off. It is formulated with peppermint essential oils, grapeseed EFAS and they put these ingredients in, in order to help reduce the drying effects of normal soap.

The Butter Yourself body butter is a five-fruits super rich smoothing body cream. Now, I like the texture of this product it is extremely good at what it states to be moisturising and it does make your skin silky smooth. However, with this product I am not a fan of the scent at all, I have tried it a few times and I just cannot come to like the smell. I think it is a real shame as I have heard such rave reviews about the Soap & Glory body butters but the scent is just so off putting for me. I find it hard to describe why I dislike it so I had a look on the website to see the ingredients and scents within the product and it contains the same fruitigo fragrance as the Foam Call. Somehow, it is just more overpowering within the body butter.

I am disappointed with both products in terms of the scents, I think a lot of people probably like this scent but I am a much bigger fan of more fruity scents and this is just the complete opposite. It is not even a floral smell, its just very unique but the smell of fig is profound. I am glad I picked this up in a set in the Boots half price sale, as I don't think I have wasted my money to much. I think I will pass these products on to someone who will be able to have better use of them and may get on with the scent better.

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