Friday 19 May 2017

Jouer Rose Gold Glitter Lip Topper

As always I got caught up in the craze and before I knew it I was the proud owner of the Jouer Rose Gold Glitter Lip Topper. I have been wanting to try something from Jouer forever as I have heard some many great things about them. I have been loving anything in the form of a liquid lipstick since they landed with a bang on the beauty scene. However, I do like to go back to good old lipsticks and lipglosses, and I did not think that was too badly priced at £13.50.

I first applied this over the top of a lipstick and I was instantly impressed by the pigmentation. With one layer I had an equal application of gloss over my lips. It feels smooth and there is a slight tackiness to the gloss. If you don't like scents to a gloss this is definitely not for you. It has a very strong toasted marshmallow scent which you can smell as soon as you pull out the lip wand. However, when applied to the lips the taste is a little different, and I don't think it is one everyone will love. This is very moisturising on the lips which is down to the Vitamin E which it contains, which is an added bonus as it feels super soft and silky on my lips.

I think this is great to wear alone as a rosy gold shimmer but also as a top coat to add more glitz and glam to your lips. It also buildable which is great so you can go in with two or three coats if you want to without it collecting or becoming uncomfortable. So far when using this I have added just one layer, as the pigmentation in this is seriously beautiful and I have never had a lipgloss like this before. It has a mixture of pink, silver and gold glitters which produces a gorgeous combination which is mainly rose gold, but the hint of silver can be seen when it catches the light. I like that this is not too dark, as I think this will work with any shade of lipstick if you did want to use it as a topper. The doe-foot applicator allows an equal and even application of gloss all over the lips. Jouer has done a brilliant job with this and it is everything which I wanted it to be. If you like glitter and gloss you need this.

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