Thursday 26 December 2013

Facing the Boxing Day Sales

I was up and out early for the sales yesterday morning and I definitely spent up! I was there nice and early ready to face the sales I was hoping to go to Selfridges first but me and my sister thought we should be realistic and head to places we could actually afford! I am going to do a haul and review of everything I got but I picked up quite a few bits in Boots and some perfume in Debenhams. I also got some bits of clothes from Victoria Secrets, Topshop and I did end up with a sneaky buy from Selfridges. 

I can't even explains how busy Boots was, people were literally buying like the world was about to end and everything was in rations! I get that everything's half price buy my lord it was crazy and we had to queue for 20 mins if I didn't want my purchases as much as I did I would have definitely of given up. I lt was more mental than Selfridges, it was manic. I wanted to go in so many more shops but we had literally had enough and just decided to head back home. My main reason was I knew if I carried on looking I would carry on spending, and I had already put quite a dint in my bank balance. All round I thought it was a successful shopping trip, I wonder how many of yous braved the sales or are you just wondering why I was so mental to bother heading out?! 

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